Michael Jonas

Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Computer Information Systems Minor
Computer Information Systems, B.S.
Computer Science, B.A.
Cybersecurity Engineering, M.S.
Electrical Engineering Technology, B.S.
Information Technology, M.S.
UNH Manchester
Office 141


Michael Jonas is an Associate Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Applied Engineering & Sciences.

Jonas joined UNH in the fall of 2010 and has focused on teaching many of the programming courses including introductory programming, advanced data structures, and programming languages. He also teaches the computer security course and supervises the senior computing capstone project, a group research project focusing on speech recognition. He has previously worked as a senior software development engineer at Microsoft Corporation and as a staff scientist at BBN Technologies, in both cases doing research in speech technology. His research interests include work in both computing education and in artificial intelligence focusing on speech recognition.

Jonas has a Ph.D., in computer science from Tufts University and an M.S., in computer science from the College of William and Mary. He also has two bachelor's degrees, mathematics and computer science, also from William and Mary.


  • Networking Concepts

  • Information Security

  • Data Structures & Algorithms

  • Object Oriented Software Development

  • Programming Languages

  • Capstone Project

  • Introduction to Programming


  • A Cryptographic Sandbox for an Introductory Security Course in Information Technology, Michael Jonas, CCSCNE-2014, Providence, RI, April 2014
  • A Student Generated Wiki Based Online Textbook: a Flipped Approach, Michael Jonas, SITE-2014, Jacksonville, Florida, March 2014
  • Group Note Taking in MediaWiki, a Collaborative Approach , Michael Jonas, ACM SIGITE-2013, faculty poster/paper-brief, Orlando, Florida, October, 2013
  • Teaching Introductory Programming using Multiplayer Board Game Strategies in Greenfoot, Michael Jonas. CCSCNE-2013, Loudonville, NY, April 2013
  • Capstone Experience at UNH Manchester: Student Guided Mentoring for an Undergraduate Research, Group in Speech, Michael Jonas, CUR pre-conference symposium at ISSOTL 2012, faculty poster, Hamilton, Ontario, October 2012
  • Adding Micro Labs to Aid Professional Development in Information Technology Class Curriculum, Michael Jonas, CCSCNE-2012, Hamden, CT, April 27-28, 2012
  • Capstone Experience - Lessons from an Undergraduate Research Group in Speech at UNH Manchester, Michael Jonas, ACM SIGITE-2011, West Point, NY, October 20-22, 2011
  • Capstone Experience: Engaging Students in Speech Processing to excite them about STEM, Michael Jonas, CCSCNE-2011, faculty poster, archive Volume 26 Issue 6, June 2011
  • Hierarchical Clustering of Mixture Tying using a Partially Observable Markov Decision Process, Michael Jonas and James Schmolze, InterSpeech 2005, Lisbon Portugal, September, 2005
  • A Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognizer For A Constrained Domain With Limited Training, Manhung Siu, Michael Jonas and Herbert Gish, ICASSP 1999, Phoenix, Arizona


  • Ph.D., Computer Science, Tufts University, 2003

  • M.S., Computer Science, College of William and Mary, 1989

  • B.S., Computer Science, College of William and Mary, 1987

  • B.S., Mathematics, College of William and Mary, 1987