Robert Macieski

Program Coordinator and Professor

History Minor
History, B.A.
Public History Minor
UNH Manchester
Office 429


Dr. Robert Macieski joined UNH Manchester in 1994. Prior to coming to UNH he taught at Boston College, the University of RI, Wheaton College, Bryant College, RI Institute for Labor Studies and Research, Bulmershe College in England, and Bridgewater State College. Dr. Macieski said he joined the UNH community because, as he put it, "UNH was the perfect fit with my interest in industrial history, immigration, and urban history. I was seeking employment at a land grant university in UNH New England where I could engage the community with my research through public history projects."

Macieski's major fields of study are nineteenth and twentieth century social and cultural history, with specialties in Urban, Labor, Immigration, Race, Women's History, Museum Studies and Public History.He recently published his latest book, Picturing Class: Lewis W. Hine Photographs Child Labor in New England. He is also editing a collection of writings from 1840s and 1850s Manchester, NH, called Between Fact & Fiction: Vernacular Readings in an Emerging Industrial City. He is also creating a geographic information system based web site that maps people and places in Manchester and beyond.

When asked what he likes most about working at UNH Manchester, he said, "The most enjoyable aspect is working with the students, particularly exploring their research interests through UROP and SURF awards, independent studies, and internships. I get to do the things I love to do." When Macieski isn't teaching, researching or working in the community, he enjoys playing the guitar and other instruments, playing basketball, traveling, surfing, and social activism.


  • HIST 405 - Early American History;

  • HIST 406 - History of Modern America

  • HIST 410 - American Civilization

  • HIST 500 - Introduction to Historical Thinking

  • HIST 506 - African American History

  • HIST 520 - Vietnam War

  • HIST 595 - American Immigration History

  • HIST 595 - The Sixties

  • HIST 595 - Urban America

  • HIST 600 - Memory and Imagination

  • HIST 612 - Emergence of Industrial America

  • HIST 615 - Twentieth Century America, Progressives to New Deal

  • HIST 616 - Twentieth Century America

  • HIST 624 - Modern American Social History

  • HIST 670/870 - Historical Thinking for Teachers

  • HIST 690 - Introduction to Public History

  • HIST 771/871 - Introduction to Museum Studies

  • HIST 797 - History Colloquium


  • New Hampshire Fulbright Association, Board of Directors, Vice-President, (since June 2005)

  • Manchester Historic Association, Trustee, May 2005

  • Appointed by Governor to the New Hampshire Historic Resources Commission (since September 2004)

  • New Hampshire Historical Society, Interpretation Committee, (since February 2003)

  • American Historical Association

  • Organization of American Historians

  • American Studies Association

  • New England American Studies Association

  • National Council on Public History

  • Labor and Working Class History Association


  • Fulbright Scholar, Nikoley Sivachev Distinguished Chair in American History, Moscow State University (2003-2004)

  • Roland O'Neal Professor (UNH, 1999-2002)

  • Graduate School Summer Fellowship (UNH, 1998)

  • Teaching Excellence Award (UNH Manchester, 1998)


  • Cities and Suburbs, an overview essay in The Encyclopedia of New England, ed. by David Watters and Burt Feintuck (Yale University Press 2005) and New England Workingmen's Association in the Encyclopedia of American Labor.


  • Ph.D., Boston College, 1993

  • M.A., Boston College, 1982

  • B.A., Boston College, 1980

Speakers Bureau

Professor Macieski's major fields are nineteenth and twentieth century social history with concentrations in urban, labor, immigration, race, and women's history. Professor Macieski also has extensive experience in public history. He is former curator and director of the Slater Mill Historic Site in Rhode Island and has worked on a variety of public history projects ranging from oral history workshops to curriculum development projects for social studies teachers.

Speaking topics
  • The history of child labor

  • Industrial history in New Hampshire and New England

  • New England urban history

  • African American history in New England

  • American social movements

  • Museums and public history

  • GIS and History

  • Teaching with technology