Nicholas Mian

Assistant Professor

Neuropsychology, B.S.
Psychology Minor
Psychology, B.A.
UNH Manchester
Office 527


Nicholas Mian teaches courses related to clinical and child psychology, as well as core psychology courses. He also oversees the Internship course in Psychology. His research focuses on understanding anxiety in young children and how this knowledge can inform the design and implementation of early intervention and prevention programs. In addition to teaching and research, Mian is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in the treatment of child anxiety. In his spare time, he enjoys fly fishing, gardening, home improvement, and hiking with his family.


  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Statistics in Psychology
  • Child Development
  • Abnormal Behavior
  • Personality
  • Counseling
  • Internship in Psychology
  • Clinical Child Psychology


  • Early intervention and prevention of emotional disorders in children

  • Parent engagement in child mental health services

  • University-community partnerships


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  • Endowment for Health (PI; 2018-2019) 

  • Deborah Munroe Noonan Memorial Research Fund (PI; 2015-2017)

  • Child Intervention, Prevention and Services (CHIPS) Fellowship, sponsored by the NIMH (2014)

  • Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Child Psychology Graduate Student Fellowship, American Psychological Foundation (2011)


  • Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Boston, 2013

  • M.A., University of Massachusetts Boston, 2009

  • M.A., Boston University, 2007

  • A.B., Bowdoin College, 2002