Stephen Pimpare

Principal Lecturer of American Politics & Public Policy

Legal Advocacy Minor
Political Economy Minor
Political Science Minor
Public History Minor
Public Service and Nonprofit Leadership, B.A.
UNH Manchester
Office 310


Stephen Pimpare is a nationally recognized expert on poverty, homelessness, and U.S. social policy.

Prior to joining UNH in 2015, where he teaches courses on American politics and public policy for the Public Service & Nonprofit Leadership Program and is a Faculty Fellow at the Carsey School of Public Policy, he served as a senior-level administrator for anti-hunger organizations in New York City, and taught at the City University of New York, NYU, and Columbia University.

His second book, A People's History of Poverty in America, received the Michael Harrington Award from the American Political Science Association “for demonstrating how scholarship can be used in the struggle for a better world.” His most recent book is Ghettos, Tramps, and Welfare Queens: Down & Out on the Silver Screen (Oxford University Press 2017), a history of poverty and homelessness in the movies.

Professor Pimpare is host of the New Books Network’s Public Policy Channel, a Consulting Editor for the journal Social Work, and founding director of the UNH Manchester Center for Community Engagement and Experiential Learning.

Follow Professor Pimpare on Twitter: @stephenpimpare


  • Ph.D., Political Science, City University of New York
  • B.S., Community & Human Services, State University of New York

Research Interests

  • American Studies
  • Political Economics/Economy
  • Political History
  • Political Science
  • Social Services Planning/Policy
  • Social Welfare Planning/Policy
  • Social Work
  • Urban Planning/Policy

Courses Taught

  • CA 550: Spc Top/Media & Elections
  • ENGL 595: LitTop/Politics & Literature
  • POLT 402: American Politics & Government
  • POLT 500: American Public Policy
  • POLT 507: Politics of Crime and Justice
  • POLT 595: Smart Politics
  • POLT 750: Politics of Poverty
  • PS 502: Political Psychology
  • PS 506: Civil Society & Public Policy
  • PS 510: Politics of Food
  • PS 515: NH Politics in Action
  • PS 651: Spc Top/Pov and Homelessness
  • PS 695: IS/PAYCE Civic Engagement
  • PS 701: Sr Proj & Interdiscpl Sem
  • SW 840: Race, Culture and Oppression
  • SW 926: Social Welfare Policy II

Selected Publications

  • Pimpare, S. (2017). Ghettos, Tramps, and Welfare Queens Down and Out on the Silver Screen. Oxford University Press.
  • Pimpare, S. (2015). Thirteen Lessons from Fifty Years of Anti-Poverty Policy and Research. Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal23.
  • Pimpare, S. (2013). Welfare Reform at 15 and the State of Policy Analysis. Social Work58(1), 53-62. doi:10.1093/sw/sws057
  • Pimpare, S. (2012). The Barricades and the Ivory TowerEngaging Contradictions: Theory, Politics and Methods of Activist ScholarshipHaleCharles R., Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008, 390 pp., $34.95On the Picket Line: Strategies of Working-Class Women during the DepressionTrieceMary E., Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2007, 179 pp., $26.00Rhetoric for Radicals: A Handbook for 21st Century ActivistsGandioJason Del, British Columbia: New Society Publishing, 2008, 235 pp., $17.95Social Change, Resistance and Social PracticesBuonoRichard A. DelloFasenfestDavid, eds., Leiden: Brill, 2010, 265 pp., $28.00. Review of Radical Political Economics44(4), 504-511. doi:10.1177/0486613412439041
  • Pimpare, S. (2011). Why No Fire This Time? From the Mass Strike to No Strike. New Labor Forum20(1).
  • Pimpare, S. (2011). Hopeful, Active Realism: A Pedagogy of Critical Social Policy. In Educating for Social Justice Transformative Experiential Learning. Lyceum Books, Incorporated.
  • Pimpare, S. (2008). A People's History of Poverty in America.
  • Pimpare, S. (2007). An African American Welfare State. New Political Science29(3), 313-331. doi:10.1080/07393140701523643
  • Pimpare, S. (2007). Toward a New Welfare History. Journal of Policy History19(02), 234. doi:10.1353/jph.2007.0012
  • Pimpare, S. (2004). The New Victorians Poverty, Politics, and Propaganda in Two Gilded Ages.