Stephen Pugh

Department of Life Sciences Chair, Biology and Biotechnology Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Biology

Biological Sciences, A.S.
Biological Sciences, B.A.
Biotechnology, B.S.
Neuropsychology, B.S.
UNH Manchester
Office 557


Dr. Stephen Pugh is an Associate Professor of Biology at UNH Manchester where he Chairs the Division of Science and Technology and coordinates the biological sciences program. He teaches undergraduate courses in biology, ecology, and genetics. His research interests are in the population ecology and genetics of small mammals. In addition to the wilderness of Minnesota, his research laboratory includes Hackett Hill in Manchester, NH.



Publications include a book (co-editor), numerous articles in peer reviewed journals, and several undergraduate biology laboratory manuals. His most recent publications include:

  • Pugh, S. R. and R. S. Ostfeld. 1998. Effects of prior density on use of space meadow voles, Microtus pennsylvanicus. Journal of Mammalogy 79: 551-557
  • Pugh, S. R., R. H. Tamarin, and S. Johnson. 2003. Voles. Pp 349-370 In, Wild Mammals of North America: Biology, Management, and Conservation, 2nd Edition. (G. Feldhamer, B.Thompson, and J.Chapman, eds.). Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1216 pp.


  • Ph.D., Boston University, 1989

  • M.S., University of North Dakota, 1980

  • B.A., Ripon College, 1976