Karla Vogel

Assistant Professor Emeritus

Computer Information Systems, B.S.
Computer Science, B.A.
Cybersecurity Engineering, M.S.

Office Hours

  • Tuesdays, 1:30 - 3 p.m.
  • Wednesdays, 1:30 - 3 p.m.
  • Other days by appointment


Karla Vogel is an Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems and Supervisor of the Academic Computing Department. Her interest in computer technology came from her 8th grade Nashua students who diligently worked on a PDP donated by Digital Equipment. The early fascination of her students with this new technology led her to investigate and study the potentials for computers in the classroom.

She joined UNH Manchester in 1986 as coordinator of the computer labs and expanded the access to technology as computers became more powerful and easier to use. As a member of the faculty she directed the Associate’s Degree in CIS, introduced a minor, and more recently launched the BS in Computer Information Systems. She is most proud of the four year degree program.

CIS is a career option that will benefit students and employers in the Merrimack Valley Region. It brings an important field of study to the college that prepares all students to effectively integrate technology in their work.


  • CIS 411, Introduction to Computer Applications
  • CIS 405, Introduction to the Internet and Web Authoring
  • CIS 510, Foundations of Computer
  • Information Systems
  • CIS 515, Multimedia: Introduction and Applications
  • CIS 680, Internship
  • One and two credit topics on current technologies


  • Instructional uses of multimedia


  • Teaching Excellence Award, University of NH, 1990
  • University Computing Outstanding Use of Technology in Education, 1988
  • Undesignated Gifts Grants: 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 2000, 2003


A selection of published works by Professor Vogel

  • Introduction to Digital Media, textbook for publication 2008.
  • "Multimedia: A Revolution in Higher Education?" College Teaching, Fall 1996, Vol 44/ Number 4. Coauthored with Terry Savage
  • "Taming the Internet for Academic Research." Telcom 2000, Plymouth State College, 3/24/ 00
  • "From Surfing to Searching: Preparing students to locate and evaluate Internet materials." Technology Conference, UNH, 4/30/99.
  • "Building Multimedia Presentations: Media Preparation" Interactive Multimedia'96, Ar­lington VA, 8/96; Orlando FL, 2/97 & 2/98.
  • "Building Multimedia Presentations: Authoring Options" Interactive Multimedia '96, Arlington VA, 8/96; Orlando FL, 2/97 & 2/98.
  • "Basic Multimedia Presentations on the Mac: Media Preparation" Multimedia '96 Toronto, 5/96
  • "'Basic Multimedia Presentations on the Mac: Authoring Applications" Multimedia '96 Toronto, 5/96
  • "Building Basic Multimedia Applications on the Macintosh" Orlando Multimedia 96, 2/96
  • "Multimedia Course Development Tools: HyperCard and Persuasion" (Two-day workshop for College faculty), 5/95
  • "'Building Basic Multimedia Presentations on the Macintosh", Orlando Multimedia 95, 2/95, Orlando Multimedia 94, 2/94, Washington Interactive Multimedia '94, 8/94


  • M.A., Rivier College, 1990
  • B.A., Rivier College, 1972

Speakers Bureau

Karla is supervisor of academic computing at UNH Manchester. Her interest in computers began with the first Apple and the recognition that the desktop computer could empower students and teachers in secondary education. As information technology has become more powerful, popular and connected, the opportunities for significant changes in the way we learn and work are being realized.

Speaking topics
  • Student Research on the Internet: Opportunities and Challenges - examine the benefits and difficulties students will encounter as they increasingly turn to the internet for research content as well as strategies for reaping the opportunities of this new digital library.
  • Preparing Digital Media for Interactive Multimedia - introduction to the tools and techniques needed to create and edit text, images, sound, animation and video. This presentation is designed to acquaint the audience with the basic vocabulary, procedures and practical issues in acquiring digital media for a multimedia presentation.
  • Demystifying the Internet: From Arpanet to AOL - this review of the development of the internet from its origins in ARPA to the world wide web identifies the variety of resource services that emerged on the Internet and looks to the future of a world on-line.