Digital Language Arts, B.A.

Digital Language Arts is a regionally-distinctive program designed to mesh your creative writing interests with the world of digital creative production. This major focuses on many of the skills considered important for success in the job market: critical and creative thinking, creative writing, written and oral communication, and the ability to collaborate as part of a tea

Literary Studies, B.A.

Designed to focus on the skills that are central to professional success, our Literary Studies program emphasizes critical thinking, writing, communication, and collaboration through the exploration of English literature, drama, poetry and composition.

Terrorism Studies Minor

The Terrorism Studies minor fuses courses in homeland security, global Studies, political science and history to give students a holistic view of the subject of terrorism, our relations with the international community, and the policies put in place to address common goals of security, economic stability, and human rights.

Forensic Accounting Minor

The Forensic Accounting minor explores the detection and prevention of fraudulent activity in a variety of business, governmental and legal venues. Students in this minor will learn the skills and techniques to examine, discover and report money laundering, white-collar crime and other forms of fraud.