Art (Minor)

Art (Minor)

minor in arts

Studio art courses are taught at the New Hampshire Institute of Art through a partnership with UNH Manchester

The art minor is an appropriate option for students wanting to take a combination of studio and art history courses or for those wishing to concentrate on a single medium.

Curriculum & Requirements

The minor in art consists of five courses (20 credits) chosen from the offerings of the department, two of which must be at the 500-level or above. Courses can be all studio art, all art history, or a combination of both. Studio art courses are taught at New England College (formerly New Hampshire Institute of Art) in Manchester through a partnership with UNH Manchester.

A maximum of two courses (8 credits) may be transferred from another accredited institution, provided UNH has accepted them as transfer credits. Transfer courses must be a minimum of three credits. Students with three credit transfers must make up the credit shortage.

For more information, contact the Academic Advising Office at (603) 641-4170.