UNH 2020

Congratulations, Wildcats

Students walking at UNH Manchester commencement

Today, you were supposed to walk across the stage to celebrate the UNH degree you’ve worked so hard for, surrounded by the faculty, staff, family and friends who supported you along the way. While we can’t celebrate in person quite yet, we still want to show you how proud we are of all that you have achieved at UNH Manchester. 

We can’t wait to recognize your accomplishments in person. Until then, explore this page for additional events and resources for graduating students.

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

Anticipated graduates are listed below. The official list will be available after final grades have been submitted at the end of May.

Master of Business Administration

Steven Christle
Bryan DeMarco
Scott Gross
Robert Link
Justin Mintz
Constantine Pashos
Cortney Shepard
Lawrence Simeone
Maggie Wells
Daniel Wheaton

Master of Education

Amanda Feeney
Steven Harrington
Melony McGreevy
Gabrielle Mourousas
Molly Norton
Catherine Parsons
Hannah Purcell
Taylor Steinbrecher

Master of Public Administration

Hud Connery
Kathleen Ferguson
Marguerite Malloy
Gene Martin
Donald Waldron

Master of Public Health

Samantha (Sam) Bartol
Andrea Guzman
Samuel Harris
Caitlyn Kearney
Adam Mercer
Nicholas Simeti
Emily Sorey-Backus

Master of Social Work

Phoebe Axtman
Kristine Bailey
Desiree Bergstrom
Christine Bond
Ann-Elise Bryant
Idolyn Carnahan

Leah Dubois
Kimberly Eosue
Krystal Fournier
Eric Harbeck      
Kaleigh Martell
Genevieve Martin
Brittany Neuman
              Ashley Paquette              
Gregory Smola
Emma Tardif

Master of Science in Cybersecurity Policy and Risk Management 

Rori Boyce-Werner
Brenden Collins
Mike Judge
Wajih Rahman
Olivia Rebel
Justin Smith

Master of Science in Information Technology

Raghava Adusumilli
Radha Sai Chapyala
Bridget Franciscovich
Tatiana Iuferova
Sharvil Jani
Vamsi Krishna Kodavati
Siri Chandana Komatireddy
Robert MacPherson
Ramnath Babu Maddukuri
Aneel Mahmood

Pramod Makkena
Andrea Murphy
Sharmila Chandrakanth Pankaja

William Rivera
Kumar Venkata Rama Krishna Sadhu
Surya Kranthi Siyadri
Lawrence Thompson
Swechchha Tiwari

Associate in Arts

Danielle Boufford, General Studies
Danah Kern, General Studies
Lena Olin, General Studies
Richard Tischofer, General Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Maryam Abdi, Politics and Society
Rachel Avery, English
Madeline Bemiss, English Teaching
Taylor Bennett, Biological Sciences
Joseph Bergeron, Communication Arts
Avery Bondra, Psychology
Aaron Broady, Biological Sciences
Carrie Butterworth, Business: Accounting
Benjamin Byerly, History
Madalyn Caiado, Psychology
Gabrielle Canto, Communication Arts: Advertising & Public Relations
Natisha Carter, Communication Arts: Cinema and Media Arts
Karissa Cegelski, Business
Abigail Chamberlain, Business
Elijah Chinburg, Communication Arts
Armina Cikaric, Biological Sciences
Corey Clarke, Communication Arts
Vanessa Cleary, Psychology
Michelle Crowley, Biological Sciences
Justin Cummings, Communication Arts: Advertising & Pub Relations
Laura Dapolito, Communication Arts: Human Relations
Erin Docko, Biological Sciences
Abigail Dolan, Digital Language Arts
Jonathan Dolan, Business
Julia Donahue, Psychology
Xavier Doyle, Computer Science
Ethan Drew, Communication Arts
Julia Fair, Biological Sciences
Ashlyn Farwell, Biological Sciences
Heather Finnigan, Biological Sciences
Kyle Foden, Politics and Society
Panagiotis Georgacopoulos, Communication Arts
Angelina Gillispie, English Teaching
Jason Golub, Business
Catherine Gray, Business
Ashley Hall, Literary Studies
Kevin Harrington, English Teaching
Samra Hasanovic, Psychology
Dagny Hedberg, Communication Arts
Kevin Hurley, Biological Sciences
Corey Jakway, Biological Sciences
Danielle Johnson, History
Meghan Jordan, Biological Sciences
Jaykar KC, Biological Sciences
Shannon Kinsella, Communication Arts: Advertising & Public Relations
Christine LaPierre, Biological Sciences
Kayleigh LaSalle, Literary Arts and Studies: Professional and Technical Communications
David Leclerc, Business
Nicholas Loftus, Psychology
Kate Lu, Biological Sciences
Victoria Lunetta, Psychology
Daniel Maas, Communication Arts
Jalisa Marquez-Byrd, Communication Arts
Brian Martel, Business
Meriah Metzger, Politics and Society
Isabella Mikols, Business
Eric Mikutel, Biological Sciences
Jamie Minervini, Communication Arts: Cinema and Media Arts
Kelly Moloney, Biological Sciences
Michael Mom, Business
Julia Mungovan, Business
Takuma Okada, Public Service and Nonprofit Leadership
Sofia Pantazis, Business
Natalie Parker, Biological Sciences
Cayla Perkins Goodrie, Communication Arts
Alex Portnoy, Business: Accounting
Paula Quiroga, Business
Alexander Rego, Politics and Society
Stephen Ring, Communication Arts
Grant Rowland, Business
Katie Salvagno, Biological Sciences
AnnMarie San Antonio, English Teaching
Jared Sharpe, Business: Accounting
Emily Siel, Psychology
Daniel St. Cyr, History
Cecilia Stariknok, Communication Arts
Sarah Starry, Communication Arts
Amber Summering, Biological Sciences
Kara Thomas, Communication Arts
Ashley Velazco, Digital Language Arts
Vanessa Voto, Business: Accounting
Bradley Wall, Communication Arts
Bianca Wee Sit, Communication Arts
Marcus Wright, Biological Sciences
Haley Zito, Psychology

Bachelor of Science

Naba Alrubaye, Computer Information Systems
Monique Archambault, Neuropsychology
Owen Armbricht, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Kenneth Ayotte, Computer Information Systems
Patrick Azzo, Computer Information Systems
Marisa Barden, Neuropsychology
Jacob Blomquist, Computer Information Systems
Kevin Booth, Computer Information Systems
Peter Boucher, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Denys Bowen, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Bernard Brown, Computer Science & Entrepreneurship
Tina Byrd, Biotechnology
Katherine Campagna, ASL/English Interpreting
Branden Chandonnet, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Jeremy Clague, Neuropsychology
Donald Combs, Computer Information Systems
Giovanni Corsetto, Computer Information Systems
Dillon Cote, Computer Information Systems
Robert Dalton, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Alexander Desmarais, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Kristyna DiBona, ASL/English Interpreting
Jacob DiGiovanni, Homeland Security
Tori Dooley, ASL/English Interpreting
Kelsie Duggan, Biotechnology
Ethan Ferraiuolo, Biotechnology
Matthew Fintonis, Electrical Engineering Technology: Computer Technology
Daniel Gacharna, Biotechnology
Michael Gray, Homeland Security
Devon Greer, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Alish Gurung, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Gregory Haefele, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Michael Hazen, Electrical Engineering Technology
John Heimann, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Devin Heino, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Christopher Hill, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Selma Hodzic, Biotechnology
Demetrious Hoggard, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Muhammad Hussin, Biotechnology
Tommy Huynh, Neuropsychology
Chantal Jennings, Homeland Security
Kyle Johnson, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Thomas Kelly, Electrical Engineering Technology
Kaylie Knowlton, Neuropsychology
Philip Kocsis, Electrical Engineering Technology
Justin Kroh, Computer Information Systems
Jocelyn Kundzicz, ASL/English Interpreting
Katie Lamar, Neuropsychology
Travis Lantry, Electrical Engineering Technology
Matthew Larochelle, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Nicholas Larochelle, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Alexander Leger, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Amanda Louisos, Neuropsychology
Monica Lukitsch, Biotechnology
Kyle Lyndes, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Robert MacPherson, Computer Information Systems
Johnny Marin Cedeno, Neuropsychology
Margaret Martin, Biotechnology
Benjamin Mason, Electrical Engineering Technology
Mekalia Mason-Rollins, ASL/English Interpreting
Zachary Maynard, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Alex Maxwell, Electrical Engineering Technology
Olivia Mazzoni, Neuropsychology
Timothy McDaniel, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Tina Minard, Biotechnology
Cameron Murray, Analytics and Data Science
Michael Murray, Analytics and Data Science
Marie-Noelle Nyemah, Neuropsychology
Mary O'Brien, Computer Science & Entrepreneurship
Colleen O'Connor, Neuropsychology
Sabrina Oliveira, Biotechnology
Ava Parr, Neuropsychology
Benito Pedero, Electrical Engineering Technology
Brandon Peterson, Computer Information Systems
Sarah Picard, Neuropsychology
Mackenzie Pierce, Biotechnology
Benjamin Pinard, Homeland Security
Devan Piper, Electrical Engineering Technology
Madelinne Powers, Biotechnology
Anup Prasai, Computer Information Systems
Naina Prasai, Computer Information Systems
Shakunt Rajbhandari, Computer Information Systems
Nicole Reed, Neuropsychology
Jake Richards, Computer Information Systems
Blanca Santibanez, Biotechnology
Milto Simoes, Junior, Biotechnology
Tyler Slock, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Bikash Subedi, Computer Information Systems
Max Tedford, Computer Information Systems
Alexander Tenczar, Computer Information Systems
Valerie Therrien, Computer Information Systems
Hannah Tower, Neuropsychology
Cyan Vazquez-Cordero, Biotechnology
Brennan Vermette, Electrical Engineering Technology
Raphaelle Vrana, Biotechnology
Joshua Walsh, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Grace Warwick, ASL/English Interpreting
Rebecca Waugh, Neuropsychology
Katrina Wells, Biotechnology
Alexander Williams, Biotechnology
Cassandra Wright, Neuropsychology
Ting-Yi Yang, Mechanical Engineering Technology



Friday, May 15 | 6 p.m.

Toast to the Class of 2020 with President Dean


Saturday, May 16 | 10 a.m.

Durham Campus Virtual Celebration


Exclusive Class of 2020 Swag


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