Marketing & Communications

Sign: University of New Hampshire founded 1866

Through print and web design, advertising and digital communications, the Marketing & Communications team works across departments to share the stories and experiences that make UNH Manchester unique. We are responsible for building, enhancing, and protecting the college's image through consistent messages communicated to internal and external audiences.

If you're looking to create a powerpoint, send a postcard, promote an event and more, the DIY Toolkit offers a variety of flexible, branded templates.
Get started!

UNH has hired a company, OrcaTV, to facilitate operation of the digital signs on campus under the name UNH TV.

The digital signage is free to use for any UNH affiliated group and is easy to submit.

  1. Create your slide. OrcaTV has several templates available for you to pick from. They can be found here: under UNH TEMPLATES.
  2. Visit
  3. Click the red SUBMIT button in the top right-hand corner.
  4. Fill out the form with appropriate information. 
  5. Hit SUBMIT!

UNH TV offers myriad of options for departments and organizations on campus to use for advertising. While Powerpoint is usually the go-to for creating posters, other tools such as Powtoons can make advertisements much more eye-catching. 

Helpful Tips:
  • Slide dimensions are 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels
  • Be clear and concise
  • Use high quality images
  • When submitting your slide, select the Manchester as the screen network
  • Tag your content and set the panel to landscape
  • You will receive an email confirmation once the file has been uploaded.

UNH TV Guidelines & resources

The Marketing & Communications team is responsible for the college's official social media accounts. We also serve as a resource to departments and programs currently on social and those interested in establishing a social media strategy. 

We also work closely with the UNH Social team on the Durham campus. 

social media Guidelines & resources

Visual Identity and branding guidelines

Visual identity and branding guidelines serve as a reference for proper use and placement of the UNH logo and wordmark, UNH color palette, and guidelines and examples of strong UNH messaging.

Visual identity and branding guidelines

Unh manchester logos

Download the UNH Manchester Logo

The University Seal

The University seal commemorates three landmark years in our history. At the bottom of the seal, the year 1866 marks our founding as New Hampshire College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts in Hanover. The year 1893 marks the college’s move to Benjamin Thompson’s farm in Durham. Finally, the year 1923 commemorates the transformation of the college into the University of New Hampshire.

Proper use of the seal
The seal is for use on diplomas and other designated official University documents. As with the logo and wordmark, the university seal may not be altered in any way. The university seal may only be used with prior approval from the associate vice president for University Communications and Marketing.

The logo is trademarked and usage on merchandise needs to be approved by the university. Contact graphic designer, Laura Piazza, if you would like to order merchandise or giveaways with the logo. She will set up the artwork according to the vendor specifications for any product you wish to order.

UNH Trademark Licensing Guidelines

The Marketing & Communications team is responsible for the college's official website. More information about new web resources, tools and standards are also available on UNH Digital, a part of the university’s commitment to developing a comprehensive web governance framework.

UNH Digital


Blue has been the UNH color for over a century, and blue and white continue to be the official school colors. See approved colors for digital, print, stationery and business cards.

UNH color palette


University policy requires that all University offices and departments use the standard stationery formats available through Printing Services. If there is a format question about your job, Printing Services will refer you to the UNH Manchester’s Marketing & Communication office.

Download electronic letterhead and fax cover sheet templates*

* This is a zipped file that contains a generic electronic letterhead word file, a customizable, department-specific electronic letterhead word file and a fax cover sheet template (please read the instructions PDF included with the zipped files). If you wish to customize a letter with your own personal information (i.e. department name and phone number) use the file titled UNHManchester-electronic-letterhead-custom.docx. Otherwise use the file titled UNHManchester-electronic-letterhead-generic.docx.

Powerpoint Templates

You can choose from a variety of templates to suit your presentation needs.

Powerpoint templates

DIY Templates

Browse through a selection of materials that have been designed to highlight the UNH brand while delivering standard information and messaging. CPA works closely with University Printing Services to create and customize these templates to suit your unique needs and requirements.

UNH DIY Templates

All enrollment-focused event support requests will run through the Marketing & Communications department.  Please note that we do not manage internal or student-focused events. Those should be managed by Event Champions in each department.

  • When faculty, students or other departments on campus want to host an event that is not fully supported by our office, they become the Event Champion. The event champion owns the event while it is on campus. The event champion coordinates the on campus departments, is the point of contact, presents the event plan at the weekly meetings, contributes their events to a calendar and makes sure the impact of the event is not outside the scope of impact on the students or for the university. The event planner handles the fine details and logistics of the event. The event planning process ensures that policies are followed and that the departments on campus who will be impacted are alerted.
  • Dana Pierce oversees the vetting process of events and aligns with the strategic mission of UNH Manchester. The event vetting process ensures that specific qualities are met, that correct departments on campus are alerted and that the overall calendar/schedule is maintained. Julie will be responsible for the logistics and coordination of outward facing internal events that impact enrollment/retention or offer experiential learning opportunities for students. Including: Program-focused forums and most public events marketed by the university.