Safety and Storm Closing

unhm winter storm closing


UNH Manchester works hard to maintain a safe environment for the community. In the event of a campus emergency or severe weather, we may curtail operations to ensure the safety of the college community.

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Closing Decisions

Decisions about weather-related closings at UNH Manchester are made by the Associate Dean. Because we are a commuter campus, decisions are made based on the following questions: Is the travel to and from Manchester reasonably safe, and how long will it remain safe? Our aim is to lose as little course meeting time as possible, but not put anyone at unnecessary risk.

  • Decisions about morning operations will be made by 6 a.m.

  • Decisions about evening operations will be made by 3:30 p.m.

Decisions to cancel or remain open are informed by National Weather Service reports and local weather forecasts. The City of Manchester also may declare a weather emergency, which eliminates UNH Manchester parking options and can lead to a closing. Decisions are made when there is clarity and certainty in the forecasts.

Because weather conditions can vary greatly throughout the state, we urge you to use your best judgment based upon your local conditions when choosing to drive on storm days during which UNH Manchester remains open. If you decide it is unsafe to drive, please alert your faculty members and follow course guidelines for missed classes.

Note that UNH Manchester makes weather-related decisions independent of UNH Durham.

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