Leadership Opportunities

Peer-to-Peer Leadership Opportunities


We foster holistic student growth, development, and success through a variety of student leadership programming.

Peer Mentoring


Peer Leaders

One of the greatest resources you’ll have available as a new student are our Peer Leaders. They are students who have been where you are and now have some experience and expertise to share as you transition into the college.

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peer advisors


Peer Advisors

Peer advisors support UNH Manchester students throughout their academic career by teaching students how to use advising technology, helping them prepare tentative course schedules, and answering questions, and participating in new student seminars. Being a Peer Advisor is a great way to develop transferrable leadership skills, help you make connections on campus, and gain knowledge and skills that benefit you as a student!

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Peer Tutors

Working as a peer tutor for the Center for Academic Enrichment is a great opportunity to continue improving your own academic skills and grow professionally, while helping peers in your community. Peer tutors are trained and certified through the Association for the Coaching and Tutoring Profession (ACTP),  a great resume-builder in any field!

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Orientation leaders and program mentors


Orientation Leaders

Our Orientation Leaders (OLs) are responsible for initially welcoming new students to our campus throughout the summer and winter months. They have a diverse understanding of the resources available and aim to assist in a student’s academic and social integration into our community. OLs guide students through our building on tours, answer FAQs from the student perspective and help students prepare for their first semester at UNH Manchester.