Leadership Opportunities

We foster holistic student growth, development, and success through a variety of student leadership programming.

Student Leadership Academy


UNH Manchester’s Student Leadership Academy is designed to give you professional and networking opportunities to become a leader in your community and career.

Student Leadership Application

Team Building Days: A team-building and leadership exploration experience with other Leadership Academy candidates each year.

Four Academic Courses:

  1. UMST 525: Exploring Leadership (1 credit)
  2. UMST 526: Social Justice and Student Leadership (1 credit)
  3. One of the following:
    • UMST 599: Urban Social Justice (1 credit)
    • UMST 523: Shared Learning (1 credit)
    • UMST 521: Tutor Development (3 credits)
    • UMST 531: Engaging in the Community: Learning through Service (1 credit)
    • UMST 599: The Mindful Leader (1 credit)
  4. UMST 799: Student Leadership Capstone (1 credit)

Project: Initiation, development, organization and execution of an event, program, or activity within the context of a community involvement role. Should be worked on throughout time in Academy.

Presentation: A multi-component portfolio, including a leadership project, presented during UNH Manchester's Undergraduate Research Conference (URC), showcases how students have met program requirements and outcomes

  • Build interpersonal and collaborative skills by designing leadership development programs for peers, practicing cooperative mentoring and exploring civic issues through group discussion
  • Become a socially just leader by increasing your understanding of cultural identities and promoting inclusion and equality both on campus and in the community
  • Gain the practical experience employers want by combining classroom with real-world learning and building effective communication and leadership skills for a more robust résumé

Peer-to-peer leadership


Peer Mentoring
Peer mentors

Mentors to first year and transfer students


Peer Mentors
Peer Tutoring
Peer tutors

Help classmates reach their academic potential


Peer Tutors
Women Reading Books
Career peers

Help classmates prepare for their futures

Career Peers

Orientation leaders


Orientation leaders and program mentors


Our Orientation Leaders (OLs) are responsible for initially welcoming new students to our campus throughout the summer and winter months. They have a diverse understanding of the resources available and aim to assist in a student’s academic and social integration into our community. OLs guide students through our building on tours, answer FAQs from the student perspective and help students prepare for their first semester at UNH Manchester.

Become an orientation leader