Manchester Tech Camp programs are led by UNH faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students or area high school STEM teachers. All bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom and a love for STEM education at all levels.

Summer 2024 Faculty

Get Your Hands Dirty Searching for Antibiotics!

Lead Teacher: Sydney Rollins
Sydney Rollins is a doctoral student in the integrative biology program at UNH and the project manager for the university’s
STEM-MoBILE, a traveling lab sharing biofabrication science with students around the state. Her two professional passions are engaging in meaningful microbiology research and educating kids about science, so she's very excited to be teaching at Manchester Tech Camp!

Assistant Teacher: Dr. Sue Cooke
Dr. Sue Cooke is a lecturer in UNH Manchester's biology and biotechnology programs. She teaches a variety of courses, but her favorite is Antibiotic Discovery—the inspiration for this summer program! Dr. Cooke has an irrepressible excitement for all things science and can’t wait to share it with students!

Perceptive Plushies 

Lead Teacher: Howard Eglowstein
Eglowstein is a recovering toy designer. Over the course of his career, he has worked in a variety of consumer goods companies making toys, heating systems, electrified self-defense clothing, high-end portable speakers, STEM educational materials and classroom content. He also spent years as a writer/editor at BYTE magazine and other publications and has designed science fair project ideas for ScienceBuddies.org. He is now with BAE Systems as a senior principal engineer.

The Original “Zoom Lens”

Lead Teacher: Dr. Mark Scimone
Dr. Mark Scimone is an assistant professor of biotechnology at UNH Manchester who has a passion for microscopy, neuroscience and image analysis. He earned his doctorate in biomedical engineering from Brown University in 2019. A native of the Manchester area, he is very happy to be back teaching this summer.

Putting the “Bio” in BioInformatics!

Lead Teacher: Dr. Kyle MacLea
Dr. Kyle MacLea is an associate professor of biological sciences and biotechnology at UNH Manchester where he teaches courses on molecular biology and microbiology. His research interests include prions and amyloids in yeast and human disease, microbial genetics and genomics, particularly of bacteria and bacteriophages. In the past, he has also studied the biology of molting and limb regeneration in decapod crustaceans (such as crabs, lobsters and crayfish). A member of the Council on Undergraduate Research and the Genome Consortium for Active Teaching, Dr. MacLea is keenly interested in involving undergraduate biology students in authentic scientific research experiences, inside and outside of the classroom.


Lead Teacher: Dr. Won Hyuk Suh
Dr. Won Hyuk Suh is an assistant professor of biotechnology at UNH Manchester. His specific areas of research include cell penetrating peptide structures, polymeric hydrogels and nanostructured particles that are specifically developed for human stem cell engineering and cancer treatment-related work.