Academic Calendar

Golden light on UNHM buildings
FALL 2023
April 17 Registration for graduate students

April 24

Registration for undergraduate students

July 5 Fall 2023 registrations re-opens for undergraduate students

July 12

Registration begins for continuing education (non-degree) students

August 28

Full semester classes begin

August 28

Term 1 classes begin

September 4

Labor Day, University holiday

September 8 Fall 2023 Webcat registration ends at 4:30 P.M.

October 9

Fall break - no classes

October 13


October 20

Term 1, last day of classes

October 30

Term 2, Classes begin

November 7

Election Day, no exams scheduled

November 7

Classes follow a Friday schedule

November 10

Veteran's Day observed, University holiday

November 22

No classes, University offices open

November 23-24

Thanksgiving holidays

November 27

Classes resume

December 11

Full semester, last day of classes

December 12

Reading Day, 6:00 pm final exams begin

December 19

Final exams end

December 22

Term 2, last day of classes


January 23 Classes begin
February 2 LAST DAY to choose Pass/Fail grading option (Continuing Degree Students)
February 2 LAST DAY to add courses or honors designation
February 2 LAST DAY to drop courses in WebCat with 100% tuition refund
February 2 LAST DAY to drop part-time and qualify for 100% tuition refund if eligible
February 2 LAST DAY to withdraw from the University with 100% tuition refund by 4:30 p.m.
February 23 LAST DAY to drop courses in WebCat with 50% tuition refund
March 8 Mid-semester
March 18-22 Spring recess
March 25 Full semester classes resume
March 25 LAST DAY for undergraduates to Apply to Graduate for May 2024
May 6 Full semester last day of classes
May 7-8 Spring semester reading day
May 9 Final exams begin
May 15 Final exams end
May 18 Commencement
May 24 Spring semester faculty grade submission deadline 12:00 p.m.
January 2024
October 16 Registration begins
December 27 Online classes begin
December 27 LAST DAY to add online classes to WebCat
January 1 No classes - New Year's day Holiday
January 2 On campus classes begin
January 2 LAST DAY to add January Term on campus classes to WebCat
January 2 LAST DAY to add January Term classes with 100% refund
January 5 LAST DAY to drop all January Term classes without petition. No refund available. 
January 8 Mid-semester
January 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day - UNH Closed
January 19 Classes end
February 2 January Term faculty grade submission deadline 12:00 p.m.