Honors Convocation

2021 Honors Convocation will be a digital, view only event.  All content will be pre-recorded and available for viewing on Tuesday, May 18.

Congratulations to our 2020 Scholars!

Presidential Scholars

Rachel Avery, Kevin Booth, Logan Frye, Sabra George, Angelina Gillispie, Chantal Jennings, Danielle Johnson, Christine LaPierre, Timothy McDaniel, Meriah Metzger, Colleen O’Connor, Brandon Peterson, Naina Khadgi Prasai, Anup Prasai, Milto Simoes Junior, Kaitlyn Squibb, Connor Tess, Ashley Velazco, Katrina Wells, Ryan Zukowski

University Scholars

Madison Allen, Glenn Bach, Jacob Blomquist, Tina Byrd, Vanessa Cleary, Donald Combs, Dillion Cote, Christopher Croze, Alexander Desmarais, Kristyna DiBona, Jacob DiGiovanni, Abigail Dolan, Jonathan Dolan, Joshua Ebert, Heather Finnigan, Gregory Haefele, Elizabeth Hall, Michael Hazen, John Heimann, Selma Hodzic, Kaylie Knowlton, Durga Koirala, Justin Kroh, Jocelyn Kundzicz, Kate Lu, Monica Lukitsch, Victoria Lunetta, Mekalia Mason-Rollins, Spencer Mears, Tina Minard, Michael Murray, Sabrina Oliveira, Ava Parr, Robert Patnaude, Sarah Picard, Mackenzie Pierce, Nicole Reed, Annmarie Sanantonio, Cecilia Stariknok, Sarah Starry, Alexander Tenczar, Hannah Tower, Cyan Vazaquez-Cordero, Ting-Yi Yang


2020 Honors Convocation Ceremony


*This is a digital, view only event.  All content has been pre-recorded. Awards and honors cords will be mailed to students.
2020 Honors Convocation program

Each spring the UNH Manchester community celebrates the outstanding academic achievements of our undergraduate students at the Honors Convocation ceremony. Convocation is the second-largest academic ceremony at the University, next to Commencement, and a time for students and their families to join with University administration, faculty, staff, and their peers to celebrate their academic success.

The program includes recognition of student achievement including Presidential and University Scholars, Academic Program Awards, Writing across the Curriculum/Emerging Writer/Meritorious Writing Awards, Undergraduate Research Conference Awards, and Honors Societies recognition.

WHat is Convocation?

Convocation is a large formal assembly, from the Latin convocare, "to call together". Honors Convocation refers to the formal ceremony held annually when faculty and staff "come together" to recognize and celebrate the academic achievement of our undergraduate students. Family and friends are encouraged to join in honoring your achievements.

Students' names are called for recognition as University Scholars, Presidential Scholars and for academic program awards and honors. You come up to the platform to receive your honor or award from the Provost of the University, the college Dean and the college Associate Dean.

How do I rsvp?

Please follow the instructions on your official invitation and contact Mary Young at mary.young@unh.edu with questions or concerns.

What time is convocation?

We start promptly at 6:00pm and the ceremony should take between 75 and 90 minutes. Light hors d’oeuvres will be available. You are welcome to come a half-hour early to enjoy some refreshments and mingle with your classmates.

What is Business Casual Attire?

A general definition of business casual includes appropriate pants, slacks, pantsuits and skirts/dresses. Business casual tends to exclude jeans, athletic wear, T-shirts, and sweatshirts. Ties are optional.

The venue is accessible. ASL interpretation is provided. Individuals requiring ADA accommodations should contact Jenessa Zurek at 641-4383 or Jenessa.Zurek@unh.edu at least two weeks in advance of the ceremony.

Honors Convocation is a public event and a professional photographer will be taking photos during the ceremony. The photographer will also be available after the ceremony for formal photos of our students, their guests, faculty, and staff members.

The photographs that will be taken will be available for download on the college's Flickr gallery approximately two weeks after the event.