A graphic of the STEM-MoBILE, a large vehicle.

The STEM-MoBILE (STEM Mobile Biofabrication Integrated Lab Experience) is a traveling lab that introduces the cutting-edge field of biofabrication to schools and communities across New Hampshire and surrounding areas

Our Mission

Manchester, New Hampshire, has become a hub for the rapidly growing field of biofabrication, the production of human tissues from organic and synthetic sources. Expanding this life-changing industry requires a diverse workforce in advanced manufacturing, biology, biotechnology, computer science, data analytics, engineering, information technology and more. Through hands-on learning, the STEM-MoBILE seeks to educate people of all ages about biofabrication and the exciting, lucrative career opportunities in this world-changing field.

Funding & Background

The STEM-MoBILE is a project created by the New Hampshire BioFabrication Cluster, which is made up of seven coalition partners: the City of Manchester, the University of New Hampshire, Southern New Hampshire University, the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) | BioFab USA, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission and Manchester Transit Authority. Led by the City of Manchester, the coalition was awarded funding through the Build Back Better Regional Challenge to, among other projects, found a Biofabrication Work & Learn Program with the goal of creating a sustainable, equitable, well-trained workforce to power the quickly growing field of biofabrication, with a focus on providing equitable job opportunities in Manchester, New Hampshire.

In addition to the STEM-MoBILE, the Biofabrication Work & Learn Program includes Manchester CREATES as well as an expansion to ARMI’s Biofab Explorer and BioFab USA BioTrek programs.

Educational Resources

To print these coloring booklets, print double-sided and change the print settings to "flip on short edge." Then, just fold the pages in half and staple the binding!

Upcoming STEM-MoBILE Events

There are no scheduled events coming up. Check back soon!

Recent Community Engagement

  • Student holding a model of a heart and another student looking shocked.
  • Students sitting on a rug watching an instructor point to a heart on a projector screen.
  • Students pouring liquid into heart-shaped molds.
  • Students standing at a table pipetting liquid into a small container.
  • Students standing around a table watching a science demonstration.
  • Student holding up clay model of heart that he created.
  • Children performing a science experiment by mixing two liquids with syringes.
  • Students pipetting liquid into heart-shaped molds.
  • Students using clay to make models of hearts.

Get Involved

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