Millyard Scholars Program

Millyard Scholars Program
Millyard Scholars in the UNH Manchester labs

The Millyard Scholars Program provides scholarships and research opportunities to exceptional incoming students* in the biotechnology, engineering technology, biological sciences and computing programs at the University of New Hampshire's Manchester campus. In this four-year program, Millyard Scholars will have access to distinctive seminar classes, research projects and internship opportunities while earning their UNH degree in the heart of Manchester. This program is coupled with the mission of the Manchester-based Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI), which is creating an industry to regenerate human tissue and organs right down the street from our campus.

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* Only full-time incoming freshmen in UNH Manchester’s  analytics and data sciencebiotechnology, biological scienceselectrical engineering technology, computer information systems, computer science and mechanical engineering technology programs are eligible.

Millyard Scholar Experience

Fusing academia with industry, the Millyard Scholars Program prepares students with the skills and experience for careers in the high-demand field of biotechnology⁠—a field rich with opportunity for scientists, engineers, biologists and more. Beginning in their first semester, Millyard Scholars have access to:

  • Distinctive academic programming in which you'll develop skills for success in any industry

  • Research projects in cutting-edge cell and tissue culture, regenerative medicine and microbiology laboratories

  • Internship opportunities with ARMI and other start-up biotechnology firms, which are creating an industry to regenerate human tissue and organs for wounded soldiers and transplant patients

  • Scholarship awards ranging from $3,000-$15,000, which can cover up to half of tuition for New Hampshire residents


On-site internship and research opportunities

We’ve transformed our sixth floor into the Biotechnology Innovation Center, a facility for teaching and research in the areas of biotechnology and cellular biology. Millyard Scholars get hands-on experience in state-of-the-art labs—and opportunities for on-site internships and research with start-up biotech firms.



Develop Skills for Success

The co-curricular component of the Millyard Scholars Program focuses on giving you skills that endure across all disciplines and careers.

Critical Thinking

critical thinking infographic
Through hands-on learning, you’ll know how to analyze and interpret data, make decisions and develop solutions to overcome problems.


self awareness infographic

Our student-focused culture helps you to articulate values, skills, strengths and experiences to foster your professional growth and emotional intelligence.


communication infographic

You’ll learn to articulate thoughts, ideas and solutions through collaborative projects.


teamwork infographic
You’ll work side-by-side with faculty and peers on research, learning to build effective relationships and understand individual and group strengths.



professionalism infographic
Real-world experience is central to the program, so you’ll build the skills and experience for success in industry.



leadership infographic
Distinctive academic programming will teach you to organize, prioritize, delegate and mentor.


Become a Millyard Scholar

To be considered for the Millyard Scholars Program, you must apply via the Common Application as a full-time incoming freshman to one of these UNH Manchester majors: biological sciences, biotechnology, computer information systems, computer science, electrical engineering technology or mechanical engineering technology. Millyard Scholars typically have a high school GPA of 3.70+. The deadline to apply is April 1 for fall semester and November 15 for spring semester.

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Millyard Scholar Degree Programs


Biological sciences student in the lab
Biological Sciences, B.A.

Explore topics like evolution, microbiology, molecular and cellular biology, biodiversity and more to prepare you for careers in industries from healthcare to agriculture to education or graduate, medical or veterinary school.

Biological Sciences, B.A.

student at microscope
Biotechnology, B.S.

The biomedical field is one of the fastest growing areas in today's job market. Through hands-on and on-the-job training, our biotechnology program prepares you for a career or graduate study in medicine, physician assistantship, occupational therapy and more.

Biotechnology, B.S.

Engineering student in lab
Electrical Engineering Technology, B.S.

Our ABET-accredited electrical engineering technology program gives you hands-on experience in electronic design and development. You'll collaborate with faculty who are industry experts, so you graduate ready to excel in this high-demand field.

Electrical Engineering Technology, B.S.

UNH Manchester student fabricates a guitar in the machine shop
Mechanical Engineering Technology, B.S.

Our ABET-accredited mechanical engineering technology program prepares you for a career in design, production and implementation of technical systems in manufacturing and business.

Mechanical Engineering Technology, B.S.

Woman teaching a class
Computer Information Systems, B.S.

 Our computer information systems program is designed to develop your technical skills through hands-on projects in programming, networking, database systems, software development, system administration and information security.

Computer Information Systems, B.S.

student working in computing lab
Computer Science, B.A.

Given the demand for graduates who have a solid base in theory, strong conceptual knowledge and demonstrated competencies to develop cutting-edge computing systems, our computer science program is designed to give you the skills to succeed in this rapidly growing industry.

Computer Science, B.A.

Millyard Scholar Spotlights

  • Syeda Fatima


    I wanted to work at ARMI from the day I heard about the extraordinary work they would be doing, so I was excited to be a research content development intern there. The courses at UNH Manchester introduce you to the latest research and equipment in the field, so I am prepared for the biotech world.


  • Brennan Vermette '20, electrical engineering technology graduate from UNH Manchester


    The small class sizes and inclusive professors at UNH were key to my educational success. They helped me learn the skills and knowledge that was necessary to integrate into industry. The skills I learned at UNH have been invaluable in my career.


  • Alex Williams


    This regenerative manufacturing industry is popping up all around us. I feel like I’m in the right place at the right time and am taking every opportunity I can.


  • Millyard Scholar Fardeen Siddiqui '23 in the UNH Manchester lab


    As a Millyard Scholar, I am part of a small yet impactful community leading the future of biotechnology.


  • Kattarina Wells


    UNH Manchester’s Biotechnology program gave me the background I needed to understand the basis of the biological processes required in biofabrication, realize what types of challenges the biotechnology industry has yet to overcome in tissue production, and recognize why certain standards must be set in place to ensure the safe use and manufacture of biological products.


  • Millyard Scholar Thomas Gerton '23 in the UNH Manchester lab


    Getting to experience how these cutting-edge technologies are being developed in our backyard has further cemented the fact that I wish to play a role in these advancements that would benefit humankind.


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