MIllyard Scholars Program

The Millyard Scholars Program provides scholarships and research opportunities to exceptional incoming students* in the biotechnology program at the University of New Hampshire's Manchester campus. In this four-year program, Millyard Scholars will have access to distinctive seminar classes, research projects and internship opportunities while earning their UNH biotechnology degree in the heart of Manchester. This program is coupled with the mission of the Manchester-based Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI), which is creating an industry to regenerate human tissue and organs right down the street from our campus. UNH Manchester has dedicated its entire sixth floor to teaching and research facilities in the areas of bioengineering and cellular biology so that Millyard Scholars graduate ARMI workforce-ready. For more information, contact Kristen Johnson.

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Only full-time incoming freshmen in UNH Manchester’s Biotechnology program are eligible.


Millyard Scholar Experience

Fusing academia with industry, the Millyard Scholars Program prepares students with the skills and experience for careers in the high-demand field of biotechnology. Beginning in their first semester, Millyard Scholars will have access to:

  • Distinctive academic programming, including science-focused First Year Seminar and First Year Writing courses and a special lab section of Principles of Biology.

  • Research projects in cutting-edge cell and tissue culture, regenerative medicine and microbiology laboratories

  • Internship opportunities with ARMI and other start-up biotechnology firms, which are creating an industry to regenerate human tissue and organs for wounded soldiers and transplant patients

  • Scholarship awards ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 per year


To be considered for the Millyard Scholars Program, you must apply to UNH Manchester's Biotechnology program via the Common Application. Millyard Scholars typically have a high school GPA of 3.70+ and an SAT score of 1200+ and/or ACT score of 25+.  The deadline to apply for fall 2019 is April 1 and the application review process begins in December 2018. Only full-time incoming freshmen are eligible

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Explore Our Biotechnology Program

The biomedical field is one of the fastest growing areas in today's job market. Through hands-on and on-the-job training, the biotechnology program at UNH Manchester prepares you for a career or graduate study in medicine, physician assistantship, occupational therapy and more, right here in our seven state-of-the-art labs. 








* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Manufacturing The Future of Biofabrication

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A Millyard Transitions From Textiles to Tech

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Millyard Scholars have the opportunity to interact with Manchester entrepreneurs like Dean Kamen

 The measure of what we're doing here is to be able to look back relatively quickly and see that we have transformed health care.

Dean Kamen, Inventor and Entrepreneur Founder, Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute


Dean Kamen

Photo credit Jason Grow for POLITICO Magazine


On-site internship and research opportunities

Millyard Scholars will have on-site internship and research opportunities with ARMI and start-up biotechnology firms that will utilize the sixth floor space at UNH Manchester.


  • syedafatima_0.jpg

    Syeda Fatima


    Research Content Development Intern, ARMI


    “I wanted to work at ARMI from the day I heard about the extraordinary work they would be doing. The courses at UNH Manchester introduce you to the latest research and equipment in the field, so I am prepared for the biotech world and the day-to-day research at ARMI.”

    Syeda Fatima '18
  • alexwilliams.jpg

    Alex Williams


    Data Analytics Intern, ARMI


    “I am thoroughly passionate about the work we are doing here at ARMI. Tissue and organ biofabrication is without a doubt the cause I want to dedicate my life to, and my dream job would be to work at ARMI|BioFabUSA or one of its member organizations in a full-time capacity.”

    Alex Williams '18
  • kattarinawells.jpg

    Kattarina Wells


    Regulatory Research Intern, ARMI


    “UNH Manchester’s Biotechnology program gave me the background I needed to understand the basis of the biological processes required in biofabrication, realize what types of challenges the biotechnology industry has yet to overcome in tissue production, and recognize why certain standards must be set in place to ensure the safe use and manufacture of biological products."