Previously Enrolled Students

UNH Manchester and Texas Instrument buildings


Former UNH students whose degree status has been interrupted may apply to resume their studies by submitting an application for readmission.


If you have already earned a degree from UNH (baccalaureate or associate) and are interested in a second degree, apply as a transfer student. Please note: You cannot apply for a second B.A. degree.

If you were enrolled in an associate's degree program and wish to apply to a bachelor’s degree program, apply as a two-to-four year transfer.

UNH Manchester two to four year transfer applicants

If you are planning to finish your degree requirements during a Summer Session, or finish your graduation requirements at another college or university, contact the Registration Office at (603) 641-4136 for information about “Reinstatement for Graduation” procedures.

Readmission Information


  • Fall semester: July 1
  • Spring semester: December 1


Readmission applications are processed by UNH Manchester's Office of Admissions and decisions are made by the Dean’s Office in consultation with the Division of Student & Academic Affairs. For information regarding departmental prerequisites, contact UNH Manchester's Office of Admissions at 603-641-4150 or

Health Withdrawals

  • In addition to the reinstatement form, you must obtain a letter from your physician/therapist who has treated you since your withdrawal, indicating the extent of your readiness to resume studies, a description of the status of your condition, and any special needs you may require upon arrival to campus. Have the letter sent directly to UNH Health Services, Executive Director's Office, 4 Pettee Brook Lane, Durham, NH 03824
  • The physician/therapist's information will be reviewed by the Executive Director of Health Services, as well as your college's Associate Dean, as part of the readmission process. The Admissions Office will consult with the Executive Director of Health Services and your Dean before making a final decision regarding your admission.

Readmission after Academic Suspension

If you are returning from academic suspension, you should complete the reinstatement form

Students that have been academically suspended retain access to UNH email and all other UNH accounts. Students that do not return within 6 semesters will lose access when their degree status will be discontinued.

Readmission after Academic Dismissal

Only under extraordinary circumstances will a student be readmitted after being academically dismissed (a second suspension is considered a dismissal). Consult with your former college dean PRIOR to submitting a readmission application.

Transcripts of Non-UNH Coursework

Coursework completed at other institutions will be evaluated for transfer credit upon receipt of an official transcript. The transcript must include final grades for all coursework completed, including coursework in progress at the time of application.

Financial Aid

The deadline for filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is March 1. Additional information is available at the Financial Aid website.

New Hampshire Residency Information

New Hampshire Residents: If you were previously enrolled as a N.H. resident and your family’s current permanent address has remained in the state, you do not need to re-document your in-state status.

If you were previously enrolled as a non-resident and now wish to claim in-state residency, you must document your claim by either submitting an application for in-state status to UNH Manchester Registration Office, 88 Commercial Street, Manchester, NH 03101; or a notarized residency form with your readmission application. Typically, if you have been away for less than three years, you will need to apply for in-state residency through the Registration Office.