Biotechnology Innovation Center

Biotechnology Innovation Center
Biotechnology Innovation Center

Leasable wet lab space

UNH Manchester has transformed its sixth floor into the Biotechnology Innovation Center (BIC), a facility for research and teaching in the areas of biotechnology and cellular biology. The BIC provides wet lab space outfitted with common equipment as well as support to meet the needs of companies in industries like biotechnology, medical technology, biopharmaceutical, regenerative manufacturing and more.

Benefits for Tenants


Tenants have access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and equipment across BIC’s Biosafety Level 2 laboratory spaces. The lab space has an ultrapure RODI water system that services the whole facility as well as a washroom complete with glasswasher with DI rinse and autoclave. There are options to rent open lab benching or a private lab suite to suit your company’s needs. The BIC also offers space configurable to training needs, including gowning and pass-through training. In addition to lab space, there are a variety of conference and meeting rooms as well as desk space and private offices.
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Start-Up Business Support

The New Hampshire Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the state’s leading resource for business advising and education, has an office conveniently located at the BIC. SBDC’s team of certified business advisors can provide highly individualized, confidential advising to help businesses start, grow, create jobs and be resilient. SBDC’s programs and services are designed to help clients establish best practices in financial management, marketing, sales, human resources, cybersecurity, workplace culture and more.
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Workforce Development

The BIC’s mission is to support the growth of the biotechnology industry in southern New Hampshire—and hands-on learning opportunities are key to workforce development. The BIC provides UNH Manchester biotechnology and biological sciences students with real-world experiences in its state-of-the-art cell-culture teaching laboratory, training suites and courses that integrate experiential learning on equipment used in the biotech industry. UNH Manchester students are also eager to support tenants through research and internship opportunities.


  • Students in the BIC lab

    DEKA has been fortunate to use the BIC as a space for a clean environment for testing and sample processing. The BIC has supported DEKA’s mission by providing clean and ample space to test and develop medical devices that will help the greater population in need in the future. We were able to bring our own equipment and supplies into the space as well us utilize new equipment already in the BIC lab space. 

    - Leah Acquaviva
    DEKA Research and Development  
  • student in the BIC lab

    The partnership with the BIC has been invaluable to ASI Life Sciences. Our interactions with the BIC include collaborative efforts to develop assay capabilities, use of core laboratory instruments and utilizing the wonderful BIC laboratories to support on-going projects. We have also benefited from the strong internship programs at UNH Manchester.

  • bic

    BiofabUSA process development has used the BIC to manufacture cell and tissue products for research use in collaboration with a number of our members.  The UNH BIC is a clean facility with a friendly, high quality lab management support team. The BIC allows for remote monitoring of liquid nitrogen, freezer, refrigerator and incubator storage as well as access to a talented resource pool from UNH Manchester.  

    - Damian Hile, Director of Process Development & Josh Linnane, Lab Operations Support Manager ARMI BiofabUSA
  • Biotechnology innovation center

    Explore the Biotechnology Innovation Center

    You’ll have the opportunity to tour the BIC, a cutting-edge facility for teaching and research in biotechnology and cellular biology as well as an incubator space for start-up biotech firms.

  • Biotechnology center at UNH Manchester

    Explore the Biotechnology Innovation Center

    You’ll have the opportunity to tour the BIC, a cutting-edge facility for teaching and research in biotechnology and cellular biology as well as an incubator space for start-up biotech firms.

Facilities & Equipment

  • Reverse Osmosis Deionized Water (Type 1) throughout the facility
  • Autoclave
  • Glassware Washer-Vertical double stack w/ DI rinse
  • Ice maker/flakers
  • Washroom Sink

  • 80 Freezer space
  • -20 Freezer space
  • 4-degree space
  • Cryofreezer space
  • Private labs come with refrigerator freezer combination unit
  • Outlets for undercounter fridges and freezers at open lab benches

Cell Culture

  • Access to Cell Culture room with Biosafety Cabinets and CO2 incubators
  • Eppendorf Benchtop bioreactors-bioflo120

Cell Imaging and Analysis

  • Cell Culture Laboratory Microscopes (Echo Rebel)-Upright and inverted capable brightfield and phase contrast
  • Research microscope Echo Revolve (Upright and inverted capable brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence)
  • Molecular Devices Image Xpress PICO-live cell imager with incubation and filters for DAPI, CFP, FITC, TRITC, and Texas Rd
  • Cell counters
  • Confocal microscope access -Zeiss Confocal Microscope (LSM 510)
  • Flow Cytometer- Cytoflex R2 B2 V2
  • Plate reader (i3 – molecular devices)
  • Thermo Varioskan Microplate Reader with injectors


  • FPLC- AKTA Pure
  • UHPLC- Thermo Vanquish Quad pump system

Molecular Biology

  • Gel Documentation System-Azure c600
  • Incubator shaker
  • Analytical Balances
  • Nanodrop Spectrophotometer
  • PCR Workstation
  • Real time PCR
  • Laboratory low speed refrigerated centrifuge with swinging bucket and various adaptors for tubes and plates-Eppendorf 5910
  • Medium- to High-Speed Floor Centrifuge-Sorvall LYNX 6000
  • Standard benchtop equipment (vortexers, microfuges, rocker/shakers, etc.)
  • Protein and DNA gel boxes
  • Power supplies

The UNH University Instrumentation Center is located on the UNH Durham campus and is available for use. The UIC offers the following equipment:

  • Dual Beam FIB Scanning Electron Microscope 
  • Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
  • Sorting Flow Cytometer
  • X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (NMR)
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FT-IR)
  • Surface Area Analyzer
  • Digital Droplet PCR
  • Microplate Luminometer
  • Stereomicroscope
  • Mass Spectrometer
  • Polarimeter
  • DNA and Chromatin Shearing System
  • LTQ Orbitrap Velos
  • Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
  • Transmission Electron Microscope

How to Become a BIC Tenant

The Biotechnology Innovation Center is currently leasing space. For more information and to schedule a tour, contact


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