Cat's Cache

wildcat cafe at UNH Manchester

Cat's Cache provides cashless access to products and services at UNH Manchester and Durham 

Cat’s Cache is a debit account encoded on your UNH Manchester ID card. All ID holders have a Cat's Cache account that can be used as soon as a deposit is made to the account. In order to use online account management features, you must log into MyUNH and select the “Cat’s Cache” tab. Once that is accomplished, you can view transactions, statements and balances, make deposits and suspend a lost or stolen card.

  • No minimum balance
  • No fees of any kind
  • Fully refundable without penalty (entire balance must be refunded at once) 

Cat's Cache is intended for purchases and not for cash withdrawal as an ATM card would allow.

Cat's Cache is available to any student, faculty or staff member.

When you use Cat's Cache to make a purchase, your UNH ID card is swiped through a card reader. The amount of the purchase is deducted from your account balance and the new balance is displayed and/or printed on your receipt.

With Cat's Cache, family or friends can make online deposits into student accounts using our "Guest Deposit" feature. The Guest can make an online deposit by entering the student first name, last name and the students UNH username. Students can also use cash, credit cards or debit cards at our Cat’s Cache Kiosk located on the 2nd floor by the Cafe.


If a card is lost it should be suspend immediately using the following steps.

  1. Report lost / stolen card immediately by logging into and selecting the “Cat’s Cache” tab.
  2. Report to UNH Manchester Security Services and Info Desk to request replacement ID card. Only the balance on the card at the time the card was suspended can be protected.

Locations Accepting Cat's Cache at UNH Manchester:

  • Vending Machines
  • Cafe
  • Student Printing and Copying

Locations accepting Cat’s Cache on and off campus in Durham.

Please Note: Cat's Cache cannot be used for alcohol or tobacco purchases.

Your Cat's Cache "Campus ID Number" is your assigned UNH ID number.