Shruti Mungi
Yuliia Odnoshevna 

"In Our Own Voices" is a photo and story gallery celebrating diversity and the voices that make the UNH Manchester community a wonderful place to live, learn and grow. Their stories are our story—and we are proud to tell it. Yuliia Odnoshevna '23, a neuropsychology major and a Network4Health Behavioral Health Scholarship recipient, shares her story below. 


My life today shares very few commonalities with my life just six short years ago. I was born outside Kharkiv in Ukraine and love the country in which I was raised. However, I found myself feeling rushed, as though I had societal deadlines that didn’t meet my expectations for myself.  I knew I needed to make a change to pursue my life the way I wanted, even though I still was not sure how I wanted it to be.   

That’s when I moved to the United States.  Living here, I felt I had time and freedom to learn about myself and what I truly want to achieve with my life. I started to remember a book I read before I moved called "Do No Harm," by Henry Marsh. This is an inspiring story about using one’s passions and knowledge to help people.  I kept returning to this story, driven by the idea of helping others. Many years of hard work and learning finally led me to study neuropsychology here. 

UNH Manchester has expanded the freedom that I felt moving to a new country and has allowed me to take my personal journey further. The passion of the faculty and staff here has reminded me of the passion of Henry Marsh and the reason I began on this path in the first place. This journey has culminated to this point, putting me one step closer to living the life I want for myself.