Richard Greene

Richard J. Greene

Adjunct Professor
Phone: (603) 566-5967

March 2004-present Mitre Corporation, Bedford, Massachusetts. Senior Technical Staff, Distributed Systems Division. Research and development of network analysis tools. Perform company IR&D on various topics related to traffic analysis, intrusion detection, etc.

March 1993-2004 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts. Technical Staff, Information Systems Technology Group. Lead Engineer for Ground Station Design for Boeing 707 Surveillance Aircraft for USAF. Project Leader for Tactical Speech processing. Developed simulation of the speech processing system and devised performance improvements for the simulated system.  Developed tested, and improved Language Identification systems. Project Leader for mathematical analysis of public key encryption system. Designed and developed all the analytical software for calculating and visualizing the system performance.  Project leader for LLAMA, a system to analyze and visualize the performance of large parallel processing systems.

Project Leader for expert systems applications in integrated network management.  Contribute on projects involving signal processing, database, and simulation.  Member of the Simulation Study Group that identifies and prototypes promising simulation techniques.

Designed image database for handling spatial queries in real time.

Contributing system architect for real-time image analysis system using object-oriented database. Contributing system architect for a real-time battlefield wireless communication network for uses at the National Training Center.

Feb 1990- Feb 1993 Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Il.

Technical Staff, Advanced Modeling and Analysis Section.  Section leader for technical research for General Motors/Department of Energy team for technology transfer (CAD/CAM, simulation, expert systems, knowledge discovery from databases, decision analysis). The key technical person for the design and implementation of chemical/biological warfare simulation modeling standoff detectors and decontamination/degradation.  Project leader for the design and implementation of machine learning techniques for knowledge discovery on large databases.  Project leader for the design and implementation of the STARS (Strategic Arms Reporting System) which couples a database with a treaty compliance expert system to detect Start Treaty violations in real-time. Technical lead for the design and implementation of chemical warfare performance degradation models. Other projects include the design and implementation of a tactical sensor fusion prototype system using AI techniques for situation assessment, image exploitation, and simulation scenario development.  Technical lead for terrain reasoning using Digital Terrain Elevation data.

June 1986- Jan 1990 General Research Corporation, Huntsville, Alabama Manager, Advanced Technology Department.  Duties include administrative, marketing/proposal writing, and technical leadership.

Projects include : IRAD project on object-oriented, knowledge-based simulation, expert systems for intelligent materials processing, Ada development of real-time expert systems, database query optimization using semantic information, logistics expert system prototype for NASA, natural language frontend for database access, distributed object-oriented databases for simulation support environments, neural networks for battle management, and application of artificial intelligence techniques for software engineering environments, .

Also, designed and developed a model-based computer vision system which used a model-based approach to recognize tanks from IR images. Also, responsible for the marketing of new business in areas related to advanced technologies such as neural networks, AI/databases, object-oriented programming, etc.

1983-1986 Teledyne Brown Engineering, Huntsville, Alabama.  Principal Investigator, Advanced Software Systems Group.  Duties included the design and implementation of expert systems (Expert System to Configure Combat Communication Networks , Expert System To Assess Software Trustworthiness, Expert Systems for real-time process control, and an Intelligent Database system to enhance software reusability), Databases (configuration management databases, software tool databases), and software engineering (developed the interpreter in Ada¨ for the IORL Language of the TAGS system -a software engineering CASE tool). performed internal company research on expert system development in Ada.  Programmed in C on the Unix system as well as Lisp, Pascal, and Ada.  Attended Courses in software design and Ada programming.

Awarded Teledyne Publication Award.

1982-1983 Intergraph Corporation, Huntsville, Alabama.  Database System Consultant.  Worked on the maintenance and enhancement of the graphics database ( DMRS ) on the PDP-11 and VAX-11/780. – Contributed to all phases of system design, implementation, documentation, and testing. Programmed in FORTRAN 77.

1980-1982 Sperry Univac, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania Systems Programmer. Designed and implemented the file management system and concurrency controls for IMS 1100, a transaction-oriented database. Member of the Software Engineering Committee. In-house instructor for Software Design Methodologies and Documentation Standards.  Awarded Sperry Univac Technical Achievement Award twice for enhancing the company's technical image.


  • 1989, Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Alabama in Huntsville, a dissertation entitled "Knowledge Representation for Expert Vision Systems". Minors in Mathematics and Operations Research

  • 1980-1982, Drexel University, Temple University: Graduate Studies in Mathematics

  • 1980, University of Alabama in Huntsville, M.S. (Computer Science ), Thesis Title: "Updating Algorithms for Distributed Databases " portions presented at National Computer Conference 1980, Minor in Operations Research.

  • 1972, University of Alabama in Huntsville, B.A. French/German, minor in Russian Area Studies

Courses Taught

  • IT 755: Database Technology

  • COMP 780: AdvTop/Computer Vision

  • COMP 805: Web Application Development

  • COMP 880: Top/Computer Vision

  • COMP 895: IS/Image Processing


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