Cybersecurity Policy (Minor)

Cybersecurity Policy (Minor)

corporate security minor

The Minor in Cybersecurity Policy introduces students to the basics of cybersecurity, as well as to societal and business mandates for incorporating cybersecurity into an organization’s policies and governance structures. We study techniques for communicating about cybersecurity, and we explore solutions for sustaining cybersecurity within a variety of organizations.

This minor is available to both Durham and Manchester students.


Maeve Dion

Office: Department of Security Studies, 88 Commercial Street, RM 314, Manchester, NH 03101

Curriculum & Requirements

This minor is only available to undergraduate students enrolled in the accelerated option for the Master of Science in Cybersecurity Policy and Risk Management (CPRM) program. Students must be accepted into CPRM before registering for any of the courses in Category B below. Only seniors are permitted to take courses in Category B.

Five courses (20 credits) are required for the minor. All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C- and an overall GPA of 2.0.

Category A 1
HLS 455Introduction to Cybersecurity4
HLS 515Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience4
Category B 2
Select any three of the following:12
CPRM 710
Foundations of Cybersecurity Policy
CPRM 720
Policy Development and Communications
CPRM 730
Security Measures I
CPRM 740
Cybersecurity Standards, Regulations, and Laws
CPRM 750
Security Measures II
CPRM 790
Organizations, Change Management, and Leadership
Total Credits20

 For more information about the Cybersecurity Policy minor, contact Dr. Maeve Dion, coordinator and minor supervisor, at