Student Senate

Student Senate


UNH at Manchester has recently been approved for a Student Government which is a student-led union formed by student representatives from student leaders on campus. We need the student’s voices to be heard; any problems they might have. The Student Government will advocate for every student at UNH Manchester. The new government will have a voice in decisions that are made by the administration that is going to have an impact on the student body before those directions are made. Student Government will also be able to process different changes on campus and advocate for those changes. 

If you don’t want to run but still be involved in Student Government fill out this form 

If you have any questions please email Matthew WInders at or Angela Fuentes at


Current Student Representatives:
Luke St. Cyr Club Representative: Tabletop Games Club
Sabrina Rahme At- Large Senator
Meghan Slater Sophomore Representative
Lindiwe M Jiri Intercultural student representative
Juan Reyes PAL rep
Tejaswini Gouni Graduate student representative
Sneha Nimmati International Student Representative
Matthew Winders Student Body President
Autumn Bedell Senior Representative/Executive Officer
Delaney Cote At- Large Senator/Secretary 
Angela Fuentes Student Body Vice President
Brittney Andrews At- Large Senator/Rep. to the Adin
Tristin Garvin Junior Rep
Ahd Mohamed At- Large Senator

Matt and Angela

Matthew Winders, Student Body President (right) and Angela Fuentes, Student Body Vice President (left)

The responsibility of elected reps is to represent their fellow students to the Student Government by going to by-weekly Senate meetings and a by-weekly committee meeting. The Student Government’s purpose is to provide a voice for the student body in how their school is run and to give students an opportunity to make a real change on their campus.