FAQs & Student Resources


How To's

Find your Advisor’s Name

  1.  Go to my.unh.edu and login.
  2. Select Webcat
  3. Select Student Records
  4. Select View Major and Advisor
  5. Select Current Term

Find your Advisors Contact Information

  1. Go to UNH Directory
  2. Search for your advisor alphabetically or by typing in and searching for them by last name
  3. View their contact information 
  • Need help changing your schedule? Plan to attend Virtual Advising Drop-In Hours, where a professional advisor will be able to help you explore course options.
  • Ready to make changes? If you know which courses you’d like to add/drop, you can make a schedule change on Webcat using your RAC. Check out the Registration Office’s website to learn how to add and drop courses on WebCat. If you have any questions or need help making changes, please contact the Registration Office directly by emailing unhm.registration@unh.edu.

Note: Schedule changes must be made prior to the add/drop deadlines. For more information please visit the UNH Academic Calendar.

To learn how to schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor, please click Advising Appointmentshere.

To learn how to schedule an appointment with a professional advisor, please click here.

If you are interested in taking Intermediate Spanish or French, you must take an online placement test prior to registration. You can access the test here. You will need to create an account before taking the test.

You can speak with a professional advisor about your language placement after completing the test.

Degree Works - your degree evaluation tool

What does Degree Works do?

  • Shows you what you have taken and what it counts for (in yellow)
  • Shows what you are currently registered for (in blue)
  • What you still have left to complete (in red)
    (for Major, Discovery, Writing Intensive and other courses)
  • Allows you to run a "What-If" Degree Evaluation for different majors

To Access:

  1. Go to my.unh.edu and login.
  2. Select Webcat
  3. Select Student Records
  4. Select Degree Evaluation
  5. Select Degree Works - For students first admitted to UNH Fall 2013 and after
  6. Select the Refresh icon (circle with arrows)

Students use the course search to review courses offered in a given semester. The course search lists descriptions for each class and crucial information such as the Course Reference Number and the attributes.

Please watch this video to learn how to read the course search.

Review this PDF or watch this tutorial to learn more about how to read the course search.


Detail Schedule
  • Go to my.unh.edu and login
  • Select WebCat
  • Select Registration
  • Select Student Detail Schedule
  • Select Term and submit


Printable Schedule
  • Select Printable Schedule
  • Student Schedule by Day and Time will appear on the screen
  • In the box marked "Go to (MMDDYYYY)" type in a date during that semester (ex 08/26/2019) and select submit
  • Your schedule should appear at the bottom of the screen (you may have to scroll down)

You can view your professional advisor’s notes and find copies of advising forms and planning tools, such as the Advising and Registration Worksheet, on myWildcatSuccess.

Please note that not all faculty advisors use myWildcatSuccess or upload copies of advising forms.

Watch this short tutorial to learn how to access appointment summaries or follow the steps written below.


  1. Log into myWildcatSuccess
  2. Click on “reports” towards the top left-hand side of the screen
  3. Find the “Appointment Summaries” section and identify the report you’d like to access
  4. Click on “view report” under the details section
  5. When the report opens, you will be able to view your advisor’s typed notes and open any attachments. Attachments are located underneath the text box for the appointmetn summary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The UNH Catalog is the official source for information regarding major and program requirements. Here, you can find an outline of all the required courses for your major. 
  • The Academic Advising Office creates annual program sheets that outline the Discovery Program requirements, major requirements, and prerequisites.

To understand the difference between professional and faculty advising, please click here

Advising Terms & Technology



Academic Plan

Students work with their professional advisor to create an Academic Plan, outlining remaining requirements in a semester-by-semester timeline.


If a course has a listed corequisite, that means that students must enroll in both of the courses. Many science lectures will have a corequisite lab.


Course Reference Numbers are the codes attached to each section of a course. Students need the course reference number to register for a particular class.

Degree Works

Degree Works is a degree evaluation and audit tool that allows students to view progress toward their degree completion by displaying completed, in progress, and outstanding requirements.


Click here to learn more about Degree Works .

Discovery Program

UNH’s general education requirements. All students must complete one course in each Discovery category but the time the graduate.

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisors work with students in their specific degree program. Faculty are experts in their field and are a great resource for building your professional network.


myCourses is an online connection to classes. Instructors often use myCourses to post their syllabi, have students submit assignments, participate in discussion posts, and keep track of grades.  


myUNH is a portal to all other UNH webpages, online tools, and resources for students, faculty, and staff. 


myWildcatSuccess is the online scheduling and record-keeping platform for advising. 


Some courses may have a prerequisite. This means that students must successfully complete the listed prerequisite before taking the more advanced course.


Example: To take PSYC 502: Research Methods, students must first successfully complete PSYC 401: Introduction to Psychology and PSYC 402: Statistics in Psychology, because they are listed as prerequisites for Research Methods.

Professional Advisor

Professional Advisors work with Homeland Security, Undeclared, and General Studies students, but are an excellent resource for all students. All students will have mandatory appointments with a professional advisor at some point in their academic career.


A Registration Access Code is needed for degree students to register for courses. RACs are unique to each student and change each semester. Students must meet with their assigned advisor for course selection in order to receive their RAC.  

Senior Year Plan

Professional Advisors create Senior Year Plans with students in their junior year. Through this process, the advisor helps the student review their degree progress, outstanding requirements, discuss course sequencing, and review the steps required to graduate. This process has replaced the graduation audit. 


Webcat is an online administrative tool. Students use Webcat to register for classes, find their advisor, view their transcript, and pay their bills.