New Student Advising Guide


Advising Resources for New Students

All new students will finalize their course schedules with the help of a professional advisor. Visit the New Students page for more information about the new student advising and registration process.

Note: These resources are designed for new first-year and transfer students. For continuing UNH students, please review the catalog for a complete list of degree requirements for your academic program.


Students who wish to receive credit for Advanced Placement exams from high school or the College Level Examination Program must have official scores sent directly from the College Board to UNH.

Click here to learn more about AP credit.

The Course Search lists all courses being offered in each semester and relevant information, including the days and time of the class and the modality.

To learn how to navigate the course search, watch this quick tutorial.

Degree Works is a degree evaluation and audit tool that allows students to view progress toward their degree completion by displaying completed, in progress, and outstanding requirements.

For more information, please review this Degree Works Student Guide.

To log into Degree Works, please click here.

Sample Schedules

  • UMST 401: First-Year Seminar (2 credit)
  • ENGL 401: First-Year Writing OR ENGL 401A: First-Year Writing for Multilingual Learners (4 credits)
  • Major course (4 credits)
  • Major or Discovery course (4 credits)
  • Discovery course (4 credits)

All first-year students will take a First Year Seminar course during their first semester. This 1-credit course is designed to cultivate the academic and resiliency skills and resources necessary to become confident and engaged learners.

  • UMST 402: Transfer Seminar (1 credit)
  • ENGL 401: First-Year Writing OR ENGL 401A: First-Year Writing for Multilingual Learners (4 credits) – if needed
  • Quantitative Reasoning course (4 credits) - based on major requirements
  • Major course (4 credits)
  • Major or Discovery course (4 credits)

This asynchronous seven-week course facilitates the skills to be successful academically and personally at UNHM while also learning about career resources as you start looking for internships and career opportunities. This course is strongly recommended for transfer students.

Discovery Program overview

All UNH students are required to complete the Discovery program. It represents coursework from a wide range of academic disciplines to help provide students with a well-rounded and expansive education.

discovery overview

Next Steps

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