Kassidy Taylor

Relational violence, or the pattern of abusive behavior in an intimate or close relationship, has many forms. From physical to financial to emotional, the impact of abuse can be deep and long lasting on individuals, families and communities.

In her relational violence course at UNH Manchester, Communication Arts Adjunct Professor Carol Gay teaches students about the types and causes of relational violence as well as ways to recognize and respond to abusive behavior. Gay, who won UNH's Adjunct Excellence in Teaching Award in 2017, creates an inclusive and engaging learning environment that students say “makes the classroom feel like home.” Gay brings her expertise as a licensed psychotherapist in mental health and addiction to guide students through discussions on difficult topics including PTSD, hate crimes, restorative justice, domestic violence and more.

Students in Gay's spring 2023 relational violence course recently created a video titled "I Wish I Said Something," which describes real situations where a relationship or power dynamic prevented them from speaking up. Watch the video below or online here.

If you're interested in learning more about interpersonal communications or studying human behavior, UNH Manchester offers bachelor's degree programs in communication arts as well as psychology and neuropsychology.