Shruti Mungi
Students in the biotechnology lab at UNH Manchester


With distinctive seminar classes and an abundance of research projects and internship opportunities, the Millyard Scholars Program prepares incoming students with the skills and experience for careers in the high-demand field of biotechnology. 

UNH Manchester offers six tracks as a part of the program: biotechnology, biological sciences, electrical engineering technology, computer information systems, computer science and mechanical engineering technology.  

Open to full-time incoming freshmen, the program provides hands-on experiences in topics such as regenerative medicine and microbiology in our state-of-the-art labs and at Manchester-based Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) right down the street from our campus. Students can also pursue independent projects through a variety of grant opportunities to fund their research ideas.  

As a Millyard Scholar, Monique Gingras ’23 had ample opportunities to get involved with projects and take ownership of her own research.  

“I'd say the sense of community around the researchers at UNH Manchester is one of the best parts of my college experience so far and I can't wait for this community to grow and flourish with time,” she says.  

Monique worked as a lab assistant in the Biotechnology Innovation Center, as a researcher on bacteriophages with fellow student Fardeen Siddiqui on Lyme disease, and as an intern at NH Climbs, a program run by Dr. Kristen Johnson to give students more industry experiences through projects with local biotechnology companies.  

“Biotechnology immediately gets your foot in the door and provides so many more opportunities,” Monique says. “These can be in the research, academic or medical fields, and knowing that I can have the same focus yet different types of work was really exciting to me.” 

Monique now works as a research student for Dr. Won Suh through NH BioMade and will pursue the accelerated master’s program after graduating in December. Like Monique, many students go on to join graduate school for further research opportunities or pursue dynamic careers as biologists, engineers and scientists after the program.  

To be considered for the Millyard Scholars Program, apply as a full-time incoming freshman via the Common Application by November 15. Reach out to us for any questions about the program and apply to be a part of its dynamic research community!