Shruti Mungi
McCurdy Brothers


When Kieran McCurdy ’25 graduated from the advanced manufacturing program at Manchester Community College, he looked no further than UNH Manchester to be alongside his brother, Eann McCurdy ‘24. 

“When my brother was deciding what college to attend for a four-year program, the head of the department suggested UNH Manchester,” says Kieran. “Through hearing about my brother’s positive experience at UNH, I soon followed and started attending as soon as I graduated from MCC.” 

Kieran’s passion for robotics and mathematics eventually led him to choose the same major as his brother: mechanical engineering technology. He is also a part of the Millyard Scholars Program, which provides scholarships and research opportunities to incoming students in biotechnology, engineering technology and biological sciences programs.   

“Here, I have been introduced to many tools to assist in career success,” Kieran says. “The Millyard Scholar Seminar has better equipped me when it comes to effectively accomplishing my academic coursework and has also pushed me to expand my professional connections.” 

Like Kieran, Eann’s path to UNH Manchester was no small feat. After receiving the Governor’s Stem Scholarship to accelerate his career, Eann completed his associate degree from MCC at the age of 19. He also received the Biomade New Hampshire Transfer Scholarship to then transfer to UNH Manchester

“I fell in love with the Robotics & 3D printer lab, and was interested in looking into Advanced Mechanical Technology as a degree pathway,” Eann says. “UNH Manchester and MCC have a transfer program in place for the ADMT and MET pathways, so I was able to continue my B.S. through the MET pathway.” 

Upon joining UNH Manchester, the brothers felt a sense of community. The helpful student body and encouraging faculty stood out to Eann as being an intrinsic part of the college culture. 

“Every professor I’ve had cares about the students, whether it be helping them succeed or just talking about the class, education, or anything,” he says. “It creates an atmosphere that cultivates success and community if you open yourself to it!” 

After graduation, Kieran and Eann hope to attain jobs that involve making systems more efficient. Till then, they hope to keep exploring their options and taking full advantage of the opportunities at college.  

“If you are considering coming here for engineering or biotechnology, UNH Manchester is a good option,” Kieran says. “Here, the faculty are devoted to making sure you understand the content and are willing and able to help you if you need it.”