Kassidy Taylor
UNH Manchester mechanical engineering technology student Anh Nguyen working on a robot

UNH Manchester mechanical engineering technology graduate Anh Nguyen '22

February 11 marked the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, recognizing the invaluable contributions of women in STEM fields who are inspiring the next generation of trailblazers. At UNH Manchester, we take pride in our accomplished community of women who are shaping the future of science and technology. In classrooms, laboratories and research initiatives, our students are contributing to advancements that have the power to transform societies and improve lives. Here are just a few of our women graduates who are making an impact in the STEM fields.

Anh Nguyen ’22 (pictured above), mechanical engineering technology

With skills in robotics, programming, machining and more, Anh is forging a path of success in the male-dominated field of mechanical engineering. She began her academic career at Manchester Community College, earning an associate degree in advanced manufacturing technology while maintaining and teaching robots in MCC’s Advanced Data Management Technologies Lab. As an undergraduate in the mechanical engineering technology program at UNH Manchester, Anh explored shape fidelity and physical properties of hybrid polymers for 3D bioprinting processes as an intern at NH BioMade. She now works as a Manufacturing Automation Engineer at Welch Fluorocarbon Inc.

UNH Manchester biotechnology student Isabelle Laizure testing samples in the onsite COVID testing lab
Isabelle Laizure ’22, ’23G, biotechnology

Isabelle was part of the Millyard Scholars Program and earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in biotechnology at UNH Manchester. As an undergraduate, she worked alongside biotech professor Dr. Kristen Johnson to analyze the role of several genes in the progression of pancreatic cancer and spent two years as a lab assistant in our on-site COVID testing lab. She now works as a Regulatory Affairs Associate at the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute, which is creating an industry to regenerate human tissue and organs right down the street from our campus.

Yuliia Odnoshevna ’23, neuropsychology

Born and raised in Ukraine, Yuliia came to the U.S. determined to use her passion and knowledge to help people. She always had an interest in neuroscience and psychology, so the neuropsychology program at UNH Manchester was the perfect fit. While pursuing her degree, Yuliia participated in research centering on anxiety in children and shadowed a neuropsychology technician as an intern at the Developmental Institute of New Hampshire. She now works as a Diagnostic Specialist/Psychometrist at ABA Centers of America, which provides Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to people with autism.

Headshot of UNH Manchester neuropsychology graduate Yuliia Odnoshevna

Students like Anh, Isabelle and Yuliia play a vital role in breaking down barriers and reshaping the narrative in STEM. Their stories inspire us to continue fostering an inclusive environment where women in science not only thrive, but also lead the way towards a future shaped by diversity, equality and innovation.