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Whether you are a new or returning student, we have an easy step-by-step guide to help you through the registration process.

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Students may add or withdraw from courses, and change to and from pass-fail or audit status by the deadlines listed in the academic calendar by filing the appropriate forms with the Registrar's Office. Changes to course registrations after the deadlines, in most cases, must be petitioned and are not automatic. Add/Drop forms can be downloaded and printed or may be obtained from the Academic Counseling Office.

USNH Policy on Disciplinary suspension:

1.1 A student ineligible to register for or attend classes at any one USNH institution because of suspension entered upon finding of responsibility for violation of the institution's code of student conduct shall be ineligible to register for or attend classes at any other USNH institution during the entire period of suspension.

1.2 A student ineligible to register for or attend classes at any one USNH institution because of permanent expulsion entered upon finding of responsibility for violation of the institution's code of student conduct shall be ineligible to register for or attend classes at any other USNH institution for a period of two (2) years following the date on which the student was permanently expelled.

1.3 A student ineligible to register for or attend classes at any one USNH institution because of a pending student disciplinary charge shall be ineligible to register for or attend classes at any other USNH institution for as long as the charge remains pending.

BOT VII.A.1.1-1.3

UNH Continuing Education Non-degree enrollment guidelines

External Conduct/Disciplinary issues:

If student has been suspended or expelled from another college for non-academic reasons, he/she must provide a written explanation. UNH will generally not permit a student to register during the time of suspension or within a two year period of expulsion for disciplinary reasons.

Criminal Offenses:

For felonies or crimes that involve imprisonment for over one year or when students are sentenced to multiple years of court-ordered probation, the University will generally not permit registration during the period of probation.

For misdemeanors or crimes that either did not involve imprisonment or for which imprisonment of less than one year was completed, registration will be considered only if all terms of the sentence were successfully carried out.

Students wishing to enroll earlier than described in these guidelines may petition for consideration.

Under the Student Exchange Program of the New Hampshire College and University Council, UNH Manchester students may be eligible to enroll for one course per semester, one semester of courses, or a full year of coursework at a member school on a space-available basis. The NHCUC exchange allows matriculating undergraduates to use educational resources that are not available at the home campus and are considered appropriate for their degree programs. This exchange will be used only when academic reasons or other special circumstances warrant it. Schools in the NHCUC consortium include:

Colby-Sawyer College, Franklin Pierce University, Granite State College, Keene State College, New England College, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Plymouth State University, Rivier University, St. Anselm College, Southern New Hampshire University, University of New Hampshire, and University of New Hampshire at Manchester.

Students will remain as degree candidates and continue to pay normal UNH tuition and fees, but must make their own room and board arrangements if they plan to spend a full semester at another consortium school. For more information and application forms, students should contact the UNH Manchester Associate Registrar at (603) 641-4164 or

The following staff have the authority and have expressed a willingness to notarize documents for students and other members of the University community at no charge.  

Please telephone the individual in advance to arrange a mutually-convenient time to meet.

Doreen Palmer
UNH Manchester
Associate Registrar 
Office 405BA

(603) 641-4164

The pass-fail option in grading is available only to admitted UNH/UNH Manchester undergraduate students. Pass-fail permission forms can be obtained from the Registrar's Office. Please consult the calendar for the deadline to submit your pass-fail permission form signed by your adviser.

Transcripts for all UNH Manchester coursework are kept in the Registrar’s Office in Durham. Transcript requests must be made in writing or online. Requests will not be accepted over the phone or by email.

An OFFICIAL transcript is printed on security paper and bears the signature of the Registrar with the University seal. An ELECTRONIC transcript is also official UNH transcript sent electronically through a secure server. An UNOFFICIAL transcript can only be sent to you directly or to a department of the University of New Hampshire. It is printed on white paper and does not bear the Registrar’s signature or University seal. No official transcripts will be furnished if your financial obligations to the University have not been met.

How to order transcripts ONLINE:

Students and alumni with active MyUNH/Blackboard accounts are able to request transcripts through Webcat. Requests will be processed within 24 hours and are free of charge.

Instructions for requesting transcripts through WEBCAT:

  • Go to (Blackboard)
  • Select “Webcat/Services” tab
  • Select “Student Services & Financial Aid”
  • Select “Student Records”
  • Select “Request Transcripts”
  • Select "Printed" or "Electronic"

Follow the instructions on the screen

How to order transcripts IN WRITING:

If you do not have an active MyUNH/Blackboard account or were enrolled before 1989, you will need to submit a printable transcript request form. Forms are available in the UNH Manchester Registrar’s Office and can also be downloaded, printed, and mailed or faxed to:

Office of the Registrar-UNH
ATTN: Transcripts
Stoke Hall
11 Garrison Avenue
Durham, NH 03824-3511

(fax) 603-862-1817
(phone) 603-862-3787

There is no charge for written transcript requests.

If you are registering for a UNH course that you have taken previously, please file a repeated course form. The form, available from the Registrar's Office, will help ensure that your transcript and grade-point information are promptly and accurately updated.

The UNH Manchester Registration Office maintains a wait list for any course that has reached the enrollment limit.

Students who register online are not automatically placed on the wait list. They must contact the Registration Office to be placed on it.

Being placed on a wait list does not guarantee the student is officially registered for the class.

Registration Office staff will contact students on the wait list through the first week of class if space becomes available.

Students are financially and academically responsible for courses in which they are registered. Simply not attending class, whether or not the instructor has been notified, does not relieve you of the responsibility of completing the official withdrawal procedure.

To withdraw from a course, students must submit an add/drop form to the UNH Manchester Registrar's Office. Otherwise, the course will remain on your record and an automatic failing grade will be assigned for courses not completed. Students withdrawing from the University must submit a withdrawal form to the UNH Manchester Registrar’s Office.

Remember to check with the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing if you are receiving grants and/or loans. Courses whose starting and ending dates do not conform to the semester academic calendar have a different withdrawal deadline. Please contact Registration and Student Accounts for specific information.