Registrar's Office

Students may add or withdraw from courses, and change to and from pass-fail or audit status by the deadlines listed in the academic calendar by filing the appropriate forms with the Registrar's Office. Changes to course registrations after the deadlines, in most cases, must be petitioned and are not automatic. Add/Drop forms can be downloaded and printed or may be obtained from the Academic Advising Office.

Leaves of Absence

Any student not subject to academic or conduct action may take a temporary leave of absence from UNH. Students interested in taking a leave of absence may email the Registration Office.

Students who would like to be advised on their decision may contact the Academic Advising Office. Students taking a leave for health reasons should contact Health and Wellness in Durham.

A leave of absence may impact student loan deferment and/or loan repayment. Remember to contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your financial aid status.

A student will not be granted transfer credit for academic work taken during the Leave of Absence. Students who wish to attend another institution or otherwise do not wish to continue their education at UNH should withdraw.

For more information about leaves of absence, click here.

Student Rules, Rights and Responsibilities: 3.3; 03.32


Withdrawal from the University

Students who do not wish to return to UNH may withdraw. Students who wish to withdraw can meet with the Director of Academic Advising. Students withdrawing for health reasons should contact Health and Wellness in Durham.

For more information about withdrawing, click here.

Student Rules, Rights and Responsibilities: 3.3; 03.32

Financial Aid and/or Business Office staff are available for assistance with financial circumstances and provide information about the financial consequences of withdrawing.

  • Financial Aid (603) 641-4189
  • Business Office (603) 641-4329 for specific information about the financial consequences of withdrawing during a semester
  • The Registration Office (603) 641-4136 will help you complete your withdrawal form 


Returning from a Leave of Absence

Students returning from a leave of absence must complete a Return from Leave of Absence Form by June 1 if returning for a Fall semester or by November if returning for a Spring semester. Completed forms should be returned to the Registration Office.

Students will be reinstated into the same major at the point of their leave’s start. Normally, leaves of absence may not exceed three academic years or six semesters, exclusive of January Term and Summer Session. Exceptions to the leave of absence policy will be granted by the University Academic Standards and Advising Committee and only in unusual circumstances.

If students wish to be admitted into a different major when returning from a leave, they should not fill out the Return from Leave of Absence Form. Instead, they must apply for readmission through the Admissions Office. The readmission form and more information can be found by visiting the Admissions website.

Students who took a leave of absence for health reasons must complete the Return from Leave of Absence Form and also must be cleared by the Executive Director of Health & Wellness (or designee) before returning. Students must obtain a letter from the health care provider who has treated them since their departure, indicating the extent of treatment and the provider's assessment of their readiness to resume studies, a description of the current status of their condition, and any special needs they may require upon their arrival on campus. Send the letter directly to Health & Wellness, Executive Director’s Office, 4 Pettee Brook Lane, Durham, NH 03824

USNH Policy on Disciplinary suspension:

1.1 A student ineligible to register for or attend classes at any one USNH institution because of suspension entered upon finding of responsibility for violation of the institution's code of student conduct shall be ineligible to register for or attend classes at any other USNH institution during the entire period of suspension.

1.2 A student ineligible to register for or attend classes at any one USNH institution because of permanent expulsion entered upon finding of responsibility for violation of the institution's code of student conduct shall be ineligible to register for or attend classes at any other USNH institution for a period of two (2) years following the date on which the student was permanently expelled.

1.3 A student ineligible to register for or attend classes at any one USNH institution because of a pending student disciplinary charge shall be ineligible to register for or attend classes at any other USNH institution for as long as the charge remains pending.

BOT VII.A.1.1-1.3

UNH Continuing Education Non-degree enrollment guidelines

External Conduct/Disciplinary issues:

If student has been suspended or expelled from another college for non-academic reasons, he/she must provide a written explanation. UNH will generally not permit a student to register during the time of suspension or within a two year period of expulsion for disciplinary reasons.

Criminal Offenses:

For felonies or crimes that involve imprisonment for over one year or when students are sentenced to multiple years of court-ordered probation, the University will generally not permit registration during the period of probation.

For misdemeanors or crimes that either did not involve imprisonment or for which imprisonment of less than one year was completed, registration will be considered only if all terms of the sentence were successfully carried out.

Students wishing to enroll earlier than described in these guidelines may petition for consideration.

Under the Student Exchange Program of the New Hampshire College and University Council, UNH Manchester students may be eligible to enroll for one course per semester, one semester of courses, or a full year of coursework at a member school on a space-available basis. The NHCUC exchange allows matriculating undergraduates to use educational resources that are not available at the home campus and are considered appropriate for their degree programs. This exchange will be used only when academic reasons or other special circumstances warrant it. Schools in the NHCUC consortium include:

Colby-Sawyer College, Franklin Pierce University, Granite State College, Keene State College, New England College, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Plymouth State University, Rivier University, St. Anselm College, Southern New Hampshire University, University of New Hampshire, and University of New Hampshire at Manchester.

Students will remain as degree candidates and continue to pay normal UNH tuition and fees, but must make their own room and board arrangements if they plan to spend a full semester at another consortium school. For more information and application forms, students should contact the UNH Manchester Associate Registrar at (603) 641-4164 or

The following staff have the authority and have expressed a willingness to notarize documents for students and other members of the University community at no charge.  

Please telephone the individual in advance to arrange a mutually-convenient time to meet.

Doreen Palmer
UNH Manchester
Associate Registrar 
Office 405BA


The pass-fail option in grading is available only to admitted UNH/UNH Manchester undergraduate students. Pass-fail permission forms can be obtained from the Registrar's Office. Please consult the calendar for the deadline to submit your pass-fail permission form signed by your adviser.

Request a Transcript:

Decide if you need an OFFICIAL or ELECTRONIC transcript.

  • An OFFICIAL transcript is printed on security paper, bears the signature of the Registrar and the University seal. It may be sent to whomever you wish.
  • An ELECTRONIC transcript is an official UNH transcript sent electronically through a secure server. An email notification is sent to the recipient with specific instructions for retrieving the transcript. This is the quickest way to send a transcript or to obtain a copy for yourself. This service is available only for students who have attended since 1989.

How to order ONLINE:

UNH Students/Alumni who attended UNH after 1989 should request transcripts online through Webcat. You may request official or unofficial transcripts online. If you are not sure whether you have an active MyUNH account or need to reactivate your account, please contact the IT Support Services Desk at (603) 862-4242. If phoning is not feasible, please check their website,, for more information. Printed transcripts requested online will be produced and mailed the next business day (or within two business days if volume is extremely high). Electronic transcripts will generally be processed the next business day.

Towards the end of a semester, you may also request that your transcript be held for grades and/or degrees. The "Hold for Grades" and "Hold for Degrees" options are usually turned on three weeks before the end of the semester. Requests for “Hold for Grades” will be processed as soon as possible after the completion of the grade update process at the end of the semester. “Hold for Degrees” requests are processed after a student’s record has been updated with the degree awarded.

How to request transcripts online through Webcat:

  1. Go to Webcat
  2. Login
  3. Select Student Records
  4. Select Transcript
  5. Select Request Transcript

Students who attended UNH before 1989 must order transcripts with a written request (instructions and order form are below).

How to request transcripts with a WRITTEN request:

  • Follow the instructions on the transcript request form. Please read them carefully, and fill out the form completely. No OFFICIAL transcripts will be furnished if your financial obligations to the University have not been met.
  • Transcript requests are not accepted over the phone. You may either come into the Registration Office and fill out a transcript request form, fax the request form to (603) 862-1817, or mail the transcript request form to:

University of New Hampshire
Office of the Registrar
Stoke Hall
ATTN: Transcripts
11 Garrison Avenue
Durham, NH 03824-3511

You may also scan the completed transcript request form and email it to

If you are registering for a UNH course that you have taken previously, please file a repeated course form. The form, available from the Registrar's Office, will help ensure that your transcript and grade-point information are promptly and accurately updated.

Students can authorize anyone you want to access their UNH billing and payment information, final grades and financial aid -- their parents, a family member, or a friend. Students are completely in charge of who has access, and can change that access at any time.

The following six steps are all you need to do to set up access to the Parent Portal for your parents and/or others:

  1. Go to
  2. Click  WEBCAT
  3. Log in with UNH username and password if not already
  4. Click Parent Portal tab
  5. Click Add / Manage Users
  6. Follow the on-screen directions

You’ll receive an email confirming the account and so will the person you authorized to view your billing information.

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