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Professor and student working together in a class

How Our Professional Staff Can Support You and Your Students

Peer Tutor Coordination

Our Professional staff hires, trains, and supervises our peer tutors, who we select from a pool of highly qualified applicants that are recommended by faculty. We liaison with faculty to identify support needs and assign an appropriate peer tutor. Whether or not you have worked with our peer tutors in the past, please contact your appropriate support coordinator to discuss your upcoming tutoring needs.

In-Class Workshops

The CAE professional staff develop and deliver a variety of in-class workshops to aid your students in their work; study skills, time management, problem solving strategies, thesis writing etc. If you find that your students consistently struggle with a particular aspect of your course, a workshop may be beneficial.

We can work with you to customize a workshop that integrates into existing course topics and assignments, or provide a general topic workshop. Please contact the CAE to schedule a workshop.

Professional Tutoring

We have professional tutors in the disciplines of writing, science and science writing, and mathematics, who not only have comprehensive understanding of the content, but who can also support students with study skills, time management, test taking strategies, and post-graduate applications.

How Our Peer Tutors Can Support You and Your Students

A Class-Link Tutor may attend your class to support students as they attempt in-class work such as problem solving, activities, discussion, work-shopping papers, etc. They meet with you regularly regarding their role in your classroom.

A Class-Link Tutor will introduce themselves in your class and may run a study group for students when appropriate. Class-Link Tutors typically support lower level English and math courses or discipline specific upper level courses where a classroom tutor is integral.

Primary Support Tutors

A Primary Support Tutor will meet with you to discuss their role in supporting your students. A Primary Support Tutor does not regularly attend or participate in your class, but may introduce themselves to your students or attend at your invitation.

Although we may have multiple peer tutors who can support your course material, one tutor serves as the Primary Support Tutor and may facilitate study groups when appropriate. Courses that have consistent student requests for tutoring services typically have a Primary Support Tutor assigned.