Center for Academic Enrichment (CAE)

Students working together at a table in the Center for Academic Enrichment.

The Center for Academic Enrichment (CAE) is a free resource for all students enrolled in UNH Manchester courses, as well as alumni with writing for graduate school applications and career seeking. It is at the center of the UNH Manchester learning community.

Through a collaborative tutoring approach, we aim to provide students with opportunities to maximize their learning potential, creating life-long learners for academic and professional success.

The center provides:

Summer Office Hours

Second floor, Learning Commons
Monday - 
Thursday: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Phone: (603) 641-4113

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 You can make one-on-one tutoring appointments by calling the CAE at (603) 641-4113 or by scheduling your appointment online.

Peer tutors work by appointment only, so please plan ahead for the next day or beyond. Tutors are typically available Monday through Friday, with occasional night and weekend availability.

Same day appointments may be available based on tutor schedules.

ALL UNH Manchester students may receive 1 hour of individual tutoring per week for each course in which they are enrolled (dependent on tutor availability). Students may also attend study groups and drop-in hours without limit throughout the semester.

Some students may receive up to 1 hour of additional tutoring per course per week:

The CAE protects student privacy by not disclosing any information about a tutoring session to anyone, including faculty, unless a student provides written permission. CAE visit slips you can give to your instructor are available upon request.

Tutors can help you with a variety of subjects: 

  • Writing
  • Research
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computing
  • Psychology
  • Business
  • Other content areas

If you have a specific area not listed above, please ask us

You may work on

General skills:

  • Study skills
  • Time management
  • Becoming a more powerful learner


  • Finding a topic
  • Developing an idea
  • Revising a draft

Content-specific strategies and applications:

  • Using a graphing calculator
  • Working on sample problems
  • Modeling science concepts

Writing applications and personal statements

If you have a specific area not listed above, please ask us

If you are running late, call the CAE at (603) 641-4113. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late without notice, your appointment is considered missed and the tutor will not be available.

Cancellations made less than three hours before the start of a scheduled appointment are considered missed. After 3 missed appointments, future appointments must be made in person on a probationary basis.

You CAN make an appointment with a professional tutor to review subject specific content for graduate school preparation. Tutorials will focus on math/reading/writing content based on your needs. The CAE is not able to help with information about, or test-taking strategies for, standardized exams such as the GRE, MCAT, or GMAT.

First, attempt your homework and write your thoughts down. Notice what questions arise and/or what topics are challenging. Bring whatever you have: a draft, an idea, a concept, a partial problem – most importantly, bring your questions.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your completed and submitted work. Tutors can assist with homework and assignments, but it is unethical for them to do work for students. If you are unsure about your instructor’s expectations, it is your responsibility to speak with the instructor directly.

Writing tutors/research mentors focus on helping you learn how to improve your own writing skills, including research, development, organization, grammar, and documenting sources. As a result, they do not edit or proofread papers or read papers in advance of one-on-one tutorials.

If writing tutors find evidence of plagiarism, they will point it out and suggest ways to avoid it; however, students are responsible for appropriate documentation of sources.

No. We do not provide exam proctoring for other institutions, online courses or certifications.

CAE Staff