Math Assessments

English and math placement testing


The Center for Academic Enrichment (CAE) provides a math assessment to aid incoming students in ​math course selection. This tool is designed to help you assess your ​mathematical knowledge and skills ​and make choices that will facilitate your academic success.​Math assessments are free for UNH Manchester students and can be taken online both in a place and at a time that is most convenient for you! After completing the assessment, you will have an opportunity to compare your score to which math courses would be appropriate for you. You will also be provided individualized Prep and Learning Modules to improve your mathematical knowledge. ​After working in the modules you will have the choice to re-take the assessment up to 3 times​, if needed, to improve your score for up to six months.

Incoming students needing a quantitative reasoning course are strongly encouraged to take the math assessment. This tool will give you immediate access to free effective resources and guide you towards the best path for success in completing your quantitative reasoning requirement.

Students looking to enroll in MATH 425: Calculus I are required to take the math assessment unless they already meet the prerequisite for the course. 

Assessments should be completed prior to your scheduled advising appointment to ensure personalized class selections that are appropriate for you.

Contact the CAE ( with your UNH email address to request access to the free Math Assessment.

Testing Accommodations

If you have a documented disability which requires testing accommodations, we recommend you contact Student Accessibility Coordinator, Jenessa Zurek at or (603) 641-4170 prior to taking your assessment.

Appropriate documentation must be submitted to and approved by Student Accessibility Services to ensure the CAE is able to provide the necessary accommodations for the assessment.