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Most students complete an internship during their time at UNH Manchester to gain practical experience and to affirm interest in a potential career. Internships provide an opportunity to begin building a network of professional contacts that can later make the search for a full-time job less stressful. Many entry-level positions require some experience, and students who participate in internships often get hired sooner and report higher starting salaries. It is recommended that you begin searching for an internship at least one semester prior to when you plan to intern.

Your internship search:

What Internship Experience Do You Want? Consider:

  • Type of work
  • Location and size of company
  • For profit vs. non profit
  • Supervisor style
  • Time commitment and your availability
  • Your work values
  • Internships, applied projects, or job shadowing?

Understand the Industry:

As you start your search, you must identify the employers that could potentially fit your desired internship experience. Learn more about the industry through LinkedIn’s "See Alumni" feature to see where UNH students with your major are working. If location is important, use your local Chamber of Commerce to learn about companies in your area. Use what you learn to target your networking towards certain organizations or people.

The #1 Way to Find Internships and Jobs:

Most internships are found through networking, or creating connections within companies.  Start with the people you know in person, share what kind of experience you are looking for, and ask for further advice and connections. Engage new connections through informational interviews. 

Attend Career Events:

A great way to start building a professional network is to meet industry professionals in person and learn about their company and open positions.

Prepare Your Application Materials:

You should prepare a resume, cover letter, and have a professional LinkedIn profile. The best application documents are tailored to the internship description and match the relevant key words to your industry. Stop by our Career Peer walk-ins to get any of these documents reviewed before submitting them.

Online Applications:

Internships can be for academic credit or for professional experience. If you are interested in doing an internship for academic credit, there are additional steps to take outlined in our Academic Internships Tips and Checklist. You should begin your internship search at least one semester before you plan to complete your internship. In order to receive academic credit for your internship, you must:

  • Complete the Internship Registration Form: Meet with your Faculty Advisor for course approval and discuss criteria for your internship to be approved. The Internship Registration form gives you permission to enroll in your internship course and adds you to the Pre-Internship Assignments MyCourses site for your internship. You MUST be enrolled in your internship course by the deadline to add classes.
  • Complete the Internship Approval Form: With your internship site supervisor, electronically complete the Internship Approval form that highlights your learning goals and internship description. Your internship site supervisor and your faculty advisor must e-sign this form, and then you upload it to the Pre-Internship Assignments MyCourses page. Please note: If this form has not been uploaded by the Withdrawal deadline, you will be dropped from your internship course.
  • Sign the Internship Expectations: Read and review the Internships and Career Planning policies, e-sign, and upload to the Pre-Internship Assignments MyCourses site.
  • Complete the Student Evaluaiton of Site: At the end of your internship, you will receive an evaluation to give feedback on your internship site. Please complete and upload to the Pre-Internship Assignments MyCourses site.

Need more help?

Visit the Internship and Career Planning office for an Internship Advising Session, or an individual career planning appointment.


Maggie Wells, Internship Coordinator
(603) 641-4331